talk about Shanghai Dragon Road from peak to trough.

second, have a grateful heart. Sounds seem to learn the truth in life. In fact, Shanghai dragon is the same reason. We are grateful if a product in the forum signature thanks XXX, I can cause the positive energy is gathered, we know that this is a good product good service, it was thanksgiving.

first, customer service, allows customers to find us. Shanghai dragon often mentioned the user experience. Indeed, if we write soft Wen good on the forum, blog, perhaps temporarily click rate is not much, but after we adhere to the quality of the soft replies or insist that our article will slowly hot, this is the need for a period of time, and this time is when I first speculation mood.according. So, at the time of writing soft Wen is very persistent well written. In addition, answer difficult questions, in the Forum on sincerity, the customer will want to learn more about us, we trust.

2011, Shanghai dragon is very hot on the Internet, like many rookie, I also followed this learning upsurge to love Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai home, Google home time, mainly the chucklehead jin. To find a Shanghai dragon net fee paying school learning, and later got a website, WORDPRESS website, at that time we circle hot strength, crazy to write soft, add the chain blog, finally there is indeed some results, ranking in Shanghai and Google home page, heart think again, will not be long before the top three.

> Kennedy

crisis saw life. This time I know a good Buddhist, what goes around, did not know how should do put the Shanghai dragon mentality.

unexpectedly experienced in 2007 after the economic crisis, the economic bubble let me wake up in the network of Shanghai dragon bubble and again let me wake up. Along with the stock, Shanghai dragon, greed growing I tasted the bitter fruit.

at that time was really proud of a lot, but because of the reason to test the pharmacist, I interrupted the site of the Shanghai dragon, don’t write soft and not outside the chain, completely cut off. For a long time no see, probably after one year, after 2012, in 2013 began to soft Wen based Shanghai dragon. During the company just established website because I had one or two months of publicity, network sales of $ten thousand per month, but very unfortunately, the account is stolen, and I can not continue, so good times don’t last long.


in 2013, when I picked up the Shanghai dragon to do, ranking back slowly from the Shanghai love home page and Google home page, now seems to be in love in Shanghai disappeared trace, while Google is ranked in the seventy or eighty position about. The game. Go to the old Shanghai dragon tutorial site, people are gone, the site disappeared. Why? Love Shanghai against adverse Shanghai longfeng. Until now, I only came in search of website home page, but search or not like love Shanghai, Google is so hot.


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