Shanghai Longfeng outside chain chain chain manual VS software

in fact, if you are in strict accordance with the rules of the search engine, the chain belonged to cheat, because the chain does not belong to the other website sincerely recommend, in fact the search engine optimization are cheating, but in the social background now, otherwise the search engine on the way out can only open one eye closed eyes, search engine pages will appear the station, standing, it does not accord with the interests of the search engine, so as long as cheating is not particularly outrageous, search engines are allowed, in addition to the obvious cheating (black chain, ranking, click spider hijacking) this phenomenon is certainly. The principle of fairness loss of search engine, search engine which leads to poor user experience, so this method of cheating is certainly see a killing one, die. But for the construction of the chain, Xiaobian that search engine is not smart enough to judge an article or the release of human software released, estimated judgment does not come out, so, if you use the software released the chain can be, but some.

The advantages of using


make friends all know the importance of the chain, so from the site at the beginning of the founding, began the construction of the chain, hope to improve the relevant keywords ranking, so as to get traffic from Shanghai love. Do not know what time from the beginning, people began to promote the hand chain, the chain said the quality manual is relatively high, this is not cheating, it is good for improving the sea love weight, Xiao Bian today and we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the manual chain and the chain of software.

The advantages of

hand chain defects: comparison of a waste of time and energy, greatly shorten the website is the main content of the construction time and thinking about how to improve the user experience of the time. It may be because the user experience is too low and lead to fall in love with a low degree of sea friendly website.

software released the chain of the disadvantages: low quality (including readability and user experience aspects), article or outside the chain of survival time is short, this chain is sent to the forum, if the chain is useless, is likely to be deleted, cause the chain number change radically. Love leads to distrust the Shanghai website, but if it is manually released false original article, still have this phenomenon.

software released the chain: a comparison of energy, time and can spend more time in improving the user experience and make more valuable content to users. From provide users with valuable information and improve the user experience to improve the weight of love Shanghai.

hand chain: because the manual chain is the webmaster to choose articles, can better the manual pseudo original, the article is more readable, improve the survival time and the user experience. The chain of stability, the weight of long time brings, provide higher weight. (Note: here is the manual of the chain, if the original software is synonyms article, Xiaobian and software release not what difference, viability and user experience as low.

The use of

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