Shanghai Longfeng how their whereabouts in the invisible

we do Shanghai dragon, the fear is not a rival than our chain, not rivals of writing well, not a rival family resources. But opponents of the survey we understand we are not investigating the opponent did what optimization. Many websites look extraordinary. At the same time we disdain the landing love Shanghai Google query rank, but found the ranking hair terrible. Is not the first second. But could not find a trace of optimization, even the website keyword density is less than 0.3. Although love Shanghai more and more do not pay attention to density. But there are even more ridiculous is that some sites do what content is not, but there is ranking. The following views:

3.Keywords and description in the 2 most important Shanghai dragon ER tags do not already know, but in the important case, why so many of my friends will go to write these two labels, because it is not important, does not mean that there is no use? If you want to hide their own words. The two label is best not to write, because a lot of people know nothing.

2. Links and anchor text focuses on quality many links, anchor text are love scale, with some software group, group of post a message. They think the chain the more the better. The more you represent more people support me. In fact. Link weight is precious. Currently on the market there are some rare links, such as GOV, EDU this type of forum can let you leave the anchor text, or you can use this type of resource. If you have high quality links, the chain can less is less, so that competitors do not see why. Even if you didn’t do what optimization. He will despise you. Despise you tend to die miserable.

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng ER optimization style in general. Why general? Because a master style is not, Shanghai dragon trace is everywhere, others see you all know how to optimize, as long as you imitate, then you have no place beyond you, it is easy to catch up, and we are in the open, on hand in the dark, at all don’t know this one, so you see the number one person there, it has been surpassed.

I share a few

4. combines the above combine basic can have a look Shanghai dragon website is not very obvious. Not so good investigate your opponent. Again, if you are the anchor text and the chain high weight and less, Keywords and description did not write, the opponents in the tool.CHINAZ (most people with) your investigation, will not.

1. TITLE TITLE writing is very important, but according to the current development trend of Shanghai love word, a word TITLE is more and more people loved it, often for some medium level of Shanghai dragon ER look not for what, so TITLE as far as possible in the form of a word written. Let rivals confused.

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