You don’t know the Shanghai dragon black hole can not be ignored implicit ranking factors

said that doing so will lose a lot of traffic. Does this, but the electricity supplier do this keywords >

so, for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, we must first determine what is the theme of the site, know the core function of the website. For example, the electricity supplier website, is the theme of your product, function is to buy. When you need to choose keywords from the combination of "product + website" considerations, such as products, online shopping, buy + product + product + monopoly and so on, the word is the core word electricity supplier website, rather than the so-called popular keywords.

the current search engine or tool is very traditional, although many people think it is a very powerful way, depend on it is also very big, but does not rule out a lot of people have started shouting to improve current intelligent search engine. The intelligent, the most basic requirement is accurate, then the deep point, which is personalized.

company, "what is this kind of demand is the most representative of the public, love Shanghai products love Shanghai, love to know the Shanghai encyclopedia can satisfy this demand, so the two results in a product is usually recommended very frequently, this is also a lot of people disgust the vast Shanghai dragon. With the "what is" is often the "why" and "how to do" this kind of demand, they belong to the long tail needs famous, though fragmented, but the amount is very large, love Shanghai products have not been able to satisfy the demand of Shanghai, love experience and love haven library is two. But far from meeting the needs of this massive vertical website is to meet this demand of the main force. This vertical information station, also is to provide specialized knowledge, news information.

personally, at least this complaint to the search engine: a variety of semantic judgment is not accurate. That is a popular search keywords, the general can only give an answer. Behind a popular keyword usually contain multiple meanings, a variety of search needs. A search for " " organic food; this keyword, include demand there is what is organic food, organic food, organic food mark types, organic food pictures, buy organic food etc.. The default search engine is the most representative of a mass, such as organic food, usually is "what is organic food is the most popular demand, usually preferred to answer the question of".

deeper needs, need more professional website to meet demand. What kind of demand such as taking action, such as purchase, download, registration and so on. The electricity supplier website belongs to the three kind of typical demand. For example, a search of organic food, is most likely to want to know what is organic food, and then is the organic certification bodies, pictures, and other types of information, and then turn to "buy" the heterogeneous demand. With the demand to buy popular search term is usually not much, the general public online shopping preference is the first to enter the well-known electronic business platform, and then search.

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