The ten are not easy to exchange Links.



: the first snapshot is not normal. The snapshot is the best overall performance data of the inspection site. Best is the next day, within three days of the time of the snapshot. If more than 7 days, or even a snapshot is long before the station, then you better not exchange, we do not do too demanding to take a snapshot of 6.28 love Shanghai station K events, a lot of regular high weights of the site snapshot may appear abnormal situation. In another case, snapshot stop. Included normal. This station you watch his weight and flow. If it is great. You can continue to link. If that’s not essential. Right down. Lao Tzu today is eating the Kui ya. Was furious..


is not easy to exchange Links: mature webmaster all know Links exchange benefits. Links is to attract the spider and transfer the weights of the very effective technique, is a kind of high quality of the chain.

fourth: JS code with the chain of cheating bastard. This is when a lot of friends for links to ignore. Check the party we can put the mouse for each other a chain site, to see whether the state is the address of the jump address, at the same time, we can see the site of the page code, to see whether there is a jump of the code, as shown below. Method to eliminate this situation is to see each other.

is not easy to exchange Links:

third: best not to do so within the page links. This is not absolute, if the other side of the site within the page weight is very high, can be considered, if the other site inside pages also included weight and so on as you say, so even if the pleasant, Wuxi children’s photography do not suggest that you exchange with. For example 贵族宝贝wxmlbb贵族宝贝/bbs/ this page exchange with you. No weight transfer. Most have a little traffic. The exchange has no significance.

second: do not cross link. Unless you have this need, otherwise it is to suggest that you do this Links. A new station can rely on this for short-term rankings and flow. Stable after. Waiting to be K. So the chain of IP must be timely registration. If your site has a large number of cross links, search engine can easily be found, and that you are doing the station group, or buy links. The impact you know. For this, the author suggests using EXCEL document into a Links record, as shown below, the exchange record chain can clear the construction sites in Shenzhen.

but the chain is not to talk with them? Who Links cannot exchange? Those friends of the chain is cheating? Today webmaster oneself to eat great suffering. Is a correction of the friends of the chain of love Shanghai grave. Fortunately, remove the chain. The ranking was restored.

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