Grassroots website how to stand head and shoulders above others

in the website color >


color is very magical things, sometimes the color can affect a person’s mood. In so many websites I have seen in the website are basically blue tone. Although blue easily accepted by the user, but the same blue easy for users to produce fatigue. At the time of this writing, I readily searched. On the first page of the search engine rankings, there are 6 sites of the shades are blue. Click on the second page, the website of blue is more, up to 8.

structure of the site to engage in special, focus on mainstream


color using characteristics, go new in order to be different.

today’s web market tends to saturation. Every kind of website emerge in an endless stream. However, if familiar with the site construction, annual operation site owners can certainly feel, now the site layout, color and structure used by most competitive website construction what are similar, belong to a superficial reform situation. That is to say, the user login entertainment and news websites are seen as like as two peas no features to speak. This can give users a visual sense of fresh. Many webmaster complain that their hard construction site, but the site’s ranking is unable to rise. In my opinion, the repetition rate is too high and this site has a great relationship. If a website does not have its own characteristics, how to attract the eye of this stand head and shoulders above others,?, I will talk about my viewpoints, each stationmaster friends can refer to.

site layout, website construction is an important project. On the basis of color to attract people’s attention, the site layout, you can make the site closer to the success. The website mostly uses the template, slide where, how should the content distribution, advertisement layout in which section and so on, these are fixed, with the code written. From the long-term development of the site and interests, which is not conducive to the development of the construction site. This website code has been passed down for hundreds of thousands of websites, all of this code website are all the same. So we should streamline the code, from reality, seeking truth from facts, put their own content to stay, remove those dross and repetitive content. Learn how to give up, learn to excel at doing fine and meticulous. This is the best. No matter how the Internet and search engine algorithm changes, the site development objective is: to meet client needs, profit from.

site layout to avoid large and non streamlined layout, wins the eye

site must stand in the user’s point of view to examine whether the site attractive. If you are a user, you open a web site, color is blue, at another site, and color is blue. If at this time point to open a website for the color red, the moment is not able to attract your attention? So, if you want to tone out of site shackles, it must be based on the nature of your website, try the new color.

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