How to do site optimization five website page design

Optimization of

4, Links control: in fact, here to talk about Links, Nanjing Shanghai dragon Iverson generally do not recommend new Links within 3 months, especially the portal site. If you do not Links words, Nanjing Shanghai dragon Iverson also suggest, a single page site, suggest related Links, portal column page can choose to do Links pan related. But in general, we must control our friendship chain.

1, website design: head head design includes the description of the title, keywords, and, according to the specific circumstances, if is the enterprise site (single page), Nanjing Shanghai Longfeng Iverson suggested only title; if it is portal site (similar to a website), column page recommends accurate Title keywords, description, and settings; of course if you are from the perspective of the reader to consider, enterprise stand or portal site or can only do accurate title, let search engine automatic capture, automatic display.

1, the direction of development: what is the development direction of this column is the column page position, we should ascend to the first page to treat, from the structure of the site to consider, column page if you belong to the second layer, this is just a column, then it should be considered to the direction of the column, if your column page is bar a product, it must be considered as a website.

, a column page design direction

website column page is an important link in website optimization scheme of second links, in addition to your homepage, column page is the highest weight, so how to design the column page here? Nanjing Shanghai dragon Iverson to share your heart too.

two, column page optimization scheme

3, the station link control: single link control of Nanjing Shanghai dragon Iverson suggested a link, and even control to completely related, in fact, single page you can reference link arrangement love Shanghai encyclopedia. Link portal site layout is also in the home page optimization scheme of color design.

2, design direction: to determine the location of your keywords, according to the development direction, not repeat in here can refer to article keywords integration.

3, optimization direction: if you are a simple enterprise site, if the page column is to have a very good position to show, to design this column up to the optimization steps, long tail keywords all the inside of the column will determine your future website development. If your site is portal site, so the optimization of direction will rise to the first page design scheme.

2, page design: if a single page, so it is recommended to do illustrations, sound and color, the best is original, the article content must be rich, the picture must be beautiful, the video must be smooth, discuss words must be audit, can also be appropriate to share class plug-in. If it is a portal site, in accordance with the design of the home page optimization scheme.

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