New Shanghai dragon three months experience summary

1. exchange Links best with considerable weight, similar to the


May be a small case The

5. if not friends, don’t change the number of links to

3. to see whether the interactive link of the site you link to noflow.


title was written according to the keywords, and not the more the better keyword (4-6 best). Also according to the key words to write, in order to avoid the spider think you are malicious accumulation keywords, you can put some key words not in the back, such as contact.

is very general, anyway, to optimize the time write is to see a spider, not for people to see, as long as the spider love on the line, all the original, pseudo original. An article not too long about 500 words, keywords appear 3 or so OK. It will not write, can not find the topic words, then love Shanghai, see what others write your own words according to the re compiled line. It is a boring thing.

net > seven.

4. see the

three. What is suitable for online optimization


4. interactive Links name is best for you to optimize the keyword

site link exchange industry recommendations

five. The title, keywords, description

as a maze, eventually give up crawling. Contains naturally reduced. The best news source to a web page on the site.

The structure of

2. exchange links should always check whether the other party also put your link on his website, otherwise his link.

3. was observed in the HTML code. Look at home is a very complex navigation, this will make the spider climb to here in the

. Do the most commonly used tool to Shanghai dragon

corresponding to Shanghai dragon Er veteran, but for the novice, more simple and more basic, more useful. The following is my as a novice in Shanghai dragon in actual combat experience, began to feel Shanghai dragon is very simple, in addition to the content of the chain. In fact, we should really say it can be really many.

webmaster tools, ALEXA ranking, love Shanghai webmaster tools, these are must be used.

1. according to the structure of the website, to see whether the site is a news source content. If not talk about what the contents of the website optimization.

four Links

write soft.I don

observation site of HTML code. If the frame frame, or table frame to the website, the website can only recommend re revision. The search engine doesn’t love frame and table.

website is search engine punishment, if still be punished, or give up to him. The optimization.

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