Examples of interpretation what Title can really attract visitors

I think I mentioned the way many sites are still in use, but these two methods can not meet the purpose of what we do online promotion. How to combine our promotion to meet demand at the same time, visitors can make their own unique? That is the first to their site value positioning, positioning of each site is not the same, so naturally have the difference, also can attract your visitors to click on the target group. My idea is: 1~3 main keywords + brand word + the value of product positioning, the key word here is a greater demand for keywords visitors.

how to do the Site Title Value Orientation in the said and how to take different routes, we look at the author before writing, the use of these may also be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er stage Title writing. Let’s take a look at this writing can actually play a role in

with the change of the search engine, the accumulation of undesirable keywords, turn to reduce the keywords, set two or three main keywords. This way can be reduced because the keywords too much and not concentrated weight for the site keywords ranking has certain help, also conducive to brand promotion. But from another point of view, if competitors do, then Title repeatability will be very high, how can not new title play a role in attracting visitors click on

1: the original title for the "2012 new movies, broadcast movie, good broadcast movie" title is too ordinary, simple words are unable to attract visitors click.

writes a new ideaTwo writing Title

I remember just entered Shanghai dragon industry write Title only know simple written words, with the understanding of Shanghai dragon deepening, the author began to consider how to write Title to attract visitors to click in a stage of the analysis and practice of the author thinks that we should let our site Title to attract more visitors click on the target, first of all we have we need to make the value orientation of the site, take different routes.

, a past I write Title

contact search engine optimization when I think many newcomers think this is the best way, but this approach has also led to the accumulation of most website keywords in title, obviously the visitor experience based now, not title that really attract visitors to click.

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read: "pretty fast, where there are good customers [20> -XX

2, two or three main keywords + enterprise brand

two, Title

first we look at the following two examples:

case analysis

1, target keywords + enterprise name

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