An example illustration of how to promote the keywords ranking by the structure of the site

we can see the site list page is still maintain the style of the home page, the style is very suitable for the portal site, information area and form to sort out. This structure and the above on the front page effect mechanism is be quite different. This structure can not only make our visitors more in-depth access to our site, but also favorable >

: a reasonable structure can promote the site collection and our keyword density


increase keyword ranking every optimization are of their own experience, we can Links, through the construction of the chain and so on. But this method is some external factors. I think that is the best way to improve the well from their own keywords ranking. Which website structure plays a key role. The structure of a number of website can make our keyword ranking can be more effective. The author will analyze from three aspects why the institutions can promote the reasonable content of keywords ranking.

list page layout structure


two: the rational use of a breadcrumb navigation


The structure of

first, we take a look at the website above the author on the list page, as shown below:


reasonably can improve our keywords ranking. From this point we can see the A5 Adsense online clues. When I visit the A5 station network in the past, the structure of bread crumb: home » & search; Shanghai dragon » examples in how to promote the keywords ranking by the structure of the site, and now we take a look at the bread crumbs navigation A5 content in the page, we can see the bread crumbs navigation has become: stationmaster net » & search; Shanghai dragon » examples said how to promote the keywords ranking by the structure of the site. We can see that this change is to upgrade the A5 in "webmaster nets" this one keyword ranking. The same is true for our site, a reasonable ranking using breadcrumb navigation institutions will promote your keywords.

above we see the site is a web portal. Compared to the site of the structure chart with the author as many people see are very comfortable, pleasing to the eye. This design first can be user-friendly experience of our site is considerably. Then we see that this structure can enhance the natural density of keywords in the page at the same time, this structure will make the search engine more wide and deep crawling on our site. This will undoubtedly enhance the site collection and site related keywords ranking.

Use bread crumbs navigation

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