Albert Ge interview Qin Jian Shanghai dragon how to talk about personal transformation products

)Albert: Oh,

: you are Albert GE Medical School in the school, major is what professional, how you enter this industry at the time of the Internet

Qin Jian, graduated from Guangdong Medical College in 2007, began to contact the website.


Qin Jian: Hello! My name is Qin Jian, whose real name is Xie Qiang, my name is Qin Jian, Guangdong Meizhou people, now have been living in Dongguan. I graduated from Guangdong Medical College, majored in medical information management. I do Shanghai dragon have been more than four years, in 2008 to start my own orders to do Shanghai dragon; 2009 working in a company for more than a year after the resignation of do Wangzhuan at home using Shanghai Longfeng himself; in 2010 when I started to contact the Taobao customer, then Taobao off the fire, make friends through Taobao customers many, have a great understanding of Taobao customers and products; the beginning of 2011, I received Shanghai Longfeng list, while their mining high profit products do Taobao customers. Now I will do a guest of Taobao products, but also in the plan to do several products. My basic information is probably like this. Thank you

Qin Jian: I graduated from Guangdong Medical College, medical information management specialty. I entered the Internet industry is a coincidence, junior high school when I have to do "with friends in school, but then do are relatively simple; after the University, I have served as the president of the association of school network, then only regular contact with the site, later have the opportunity to participate in Web Design in the organization. The third-prize, so a lot of contact with website design.


Ge Jian Qin, Hello, welcome to the Albert Pavilion, first introduce myself.

interview records are as follows: (this text version is not complete, such as omissions, to understand, please listen to the recording of

practice school of Shanghai Longfeng, through practice to analyze the phenomenon, in a large number of practice has accumulated rich experience, have their own unique insights on Shanghai dragon. Won the 09 year of stationmaster net (ADMIN5) held in Shanghai Longfeng contest (Gu Baiyou) love Shanghai first, noble baby second, good at optimizing the enterprise website ranking also love Shanghai, love Shanghai auction, conversion of the nobility baby website and Adwords rate with the actual combat experience. The beginning of the 08 year orders do Shanghai Longfeng, by the end of 09 in a company to work in October 10, then the resignation has been at home while in charge of enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng and personal Wangzhuan, 10 years Taobao customer contact……


Qin Jian: at that time I was more interested in the forum, have the opportunity to do a forum moderator, met a lot of places, this makes me feel very happy, then do their own ideas forum. But at that time I very good economic conditions, even the domain name space can not afford, so I was in my territory "5d6d free forum for an own forum, so I started the forum tour, forum and >

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