Handed over the fate of their website can not rely on the Shanghai Dragon

second, in addition to the fierce competition, a cause of instability is also very important, no one can guarantee that his Shanghai dragon master site will not be in love with the sea K, his keyword ranking will be kept in front. So spend a lot of time and energy into the site if the misfortune of being harmonious, the flow and income will suddenly disappear, the website will become "chicken ribs", and finally come to a dull, abandon regrettablly.


now, Shanghai dragon training is very hot, but also a lot of people know Shanghai dragon, but compared to other means of promotion will people is relatively small, perhaps the opportunity in other ways to promote it, but to the people to find their own way, the last thing I want to say is really not Shanghai dragon to promote the network, can only say that the Shanghai dragon is a very important means to promote the network promotion, if we put the other way to promote and use Shanghai dragon together, I do not know what other effects out here.

first Shanghai dragon promotion competition has been very intense, of course, do good people, really very easy to get traffic. The difficulty we can solve it, such as refining industry in key words, such as the words with specific keywords or keyword area, another step is to find a rare do, perhaps in the Shanghai dragon promotion can steal lazy, speculation. From this sentence for webmasters may not be able to understand, especially some of the old owners for many years has been the pursuit of the Shanghai dragon is the only means of promotion, but it has not get too big promotion effect, thus waste a lot of time to promote the site, it is a pity.

as the saying goes, do not hang in a tree, the promotion of Shanghai dragon of course indispensable, but here to remind you not to forget the other way of promotion.


site navigation station promotion, EDM promotion, promotion, new media promotion, promotion, mass promotion, blog promotion, msn/qq group promotion and so on promotion means, these almost nothing and Shanghai dragon association.

finally, we see in addition to Shanghai dragon outside the promotion, if used, will not use than Shanghai Longfeng poor, of course, if these promotion with, may have unexpected results, the us to try to know.

The other way to promote

site only by the Shanghai dragon, it’s destiny to search engine, I would like to ask the love sea by live? Perhaps some people will say that Google is reliable, but it is in a foreign country, or foreign in China Shanghai dragon. Love Shanghai in many of the blame, seems to have more and more thick, with its own interests as the center of Shanghai no matter how the owners love angry and helpless, in the trend of living is actually in the increasingly fast, I do not know is the exclamation China Internet’s "great" or "love Shanghai" great ", this is not say, anyway, or white said, you know.


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