Do these three points then your favorite content

in the Shanghai dragon age, many webmaster blindly believe that the original content is good, but that is not the case, although these articles included soon, compared with those collected, pseudo original site is indeed better, but as the website flow soared, and the user can not only meet the spider in these "bad original content", and that the so-called original content is not much significance, sooner or later also to be some of the best content eliminated. But as a webmaster, and how to judge whether an article is love? Today Xiaobian them mainly summarized into three points for everyone to share, hope to be useful.

(two) correlation of website content.

The correlation between


to a website, content is the priority among priorities, but do a website to need a good content to fill, so it is good for the development of a desired website, good content support is essential, even if you know in marketing ideas are irreplaceable and we should be aware of the user’s eyes, the spider’s intelligence is awesome, so don’t put those bad contents into your own website.

content we decided whether to let the real needs of users. Especially for some shopping sites, usually for users who want to buy such products, as long as I see related products, will have interest to know, while the deal, but for those not related to the content, not only will let the user objectionable, will make those of the original transaction successfully ended in failure. Take the head of station type most webmasters to use some collection tools to collect these pictures, pictures that the spider can’t grab, even if the collection is original, but that is not the case, a picture of the same size, the ALT property, will undoubtedly make the spider antipathy oh. But there are a lot of people freely in the website content and website theme and their collocation, not related, can be described as a "cry up wine and sell vinegar" activities, the contents of this will let the spider and user >

A good readability of

(a) the readability of website content.



content will determine whether a user can read this content, although our website title in how to attract people, but can really get the user’s favorite content, if our website title, content and worse, users also or show off your website, so if a website abandoned the elements of readability, only to put together an article, not only let the search engine spiders are difficult to identify, but the poor readability of words, will make people very elusive, natural site PV will be much lower, not to mention the subject the spider love.

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