How to make B2B website content of recycled precipitation rebirth

B2B website which precipitated

through data mining to achieve the rebirth of

B2B website in addition to open the common industry information, business information, online Pavilion and other columns, best to open a special column. B2B special line on the website at least three benefits can be achieved through the first growth, there is no doubt that, according to the author’s experience, click a topic is often an original news several times over the topic can contribute to the site income through the sale of special name right, special advertising, can charge a fee to the member enterprise, instant charge, also can enhance the site stickiness for members. The third is the special function, can make some of the contents have been deposited in the site, return return. In project planning, for a vacant precipitation content layout, from the website database to retrieve the related and thematic themes, re organization, and then placed in the project. This practice is actually one of the ideas of news website projects usually take.



The content?The main contents of The core precipitation contentThe

through the special form of precipitation content rebirth

B2B website to create content of its overall quality is inferior to in order to carry out the Shanghai dragon of content creation. But, like all the Internet platform, the content is always like water running, old hurried away, whether it is still a new content monitor irrigation flow may be fine, may also be advertising. The old is not worthless, it may not be the new trend. So, for the precipitation of B2B content mining re melted down, let the content of rebirth, is very necessary.



B2B website for the website needs regular data mining, data mining, mainly for the procurement of data is the site of the. Large B2B site can be through a special tool for data development, >

B2B can be divided into four categories, one is the quality of information is the main content, website editor editing and original information, reporting, analysis and so on. The two category is the purchase of procurement information, this information is the core resource of B2B website, but also an important content to attract buyers and sellers. Three is the enterprise release of information, including product information, business news, promotions and so on. The purpose is to promote the product. Four kinds of website members exchange information, these information categories are more from the new experience, the industry view and so on, mainly in the open B2B website forum. These four types of content in the B2B website every day will produce a large number of. Any kind of content will appear a lot of precipitation.

the way through which precipitation content

B2B website is to sell information, communication between buyers and sellers. In the communication parties, promote the commodity trading at the same time, the B2B website has also created a lot of content.

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