Are you still worry about the site outside the chain Maxivista to plan the site outside the chain

submitted to the soft way is one of the very effective way chain construction of our website, a good soft Wen can form a large number of outlets, even after some websites will collect, while others are reproduced and collection, will bring huge natural chain for us, and so on


let us consider what should we do:


1: the high weight of the chain number

in the past, we calculate a general link, which is Shanghai’s most love domain instruction is mainly used to query, and then checks for our query site, but now there is outside the chain of tools Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, we are not so hard to use a query. Directly, use this tool to check.


chain platform related industry

construction site outside the chain chain construction platform, we must find the relevant industry, because the chain chain platform only related to our website, will be calculated in Shanghai love promotion website weight index, so the chain is the chain.

control of the chain number

: a

here we note that we can not let a website to release a large number of the chain, but step by step to release the chain, if your site suddenly within a certain period of time, the chain increased, it may lead to the risk of love Shanghai K station. In order to site safety during our time, we in the construction site outside the chain, must be in accordance with the rules of construction.

we all know we are talking about the high weight of the chain in general is what we exchange Links or one-way links to some of the same industry. Normally we put the number of these links between 20 to 30. Because of the limited number of these Links, so these Links we must find high quality to get high quality Links, we can search keywords in our industry by falling in love with the sea, to see our industry top three websites, we can take the initiative to communicate with them, or to take the initiative contact the site Links site.

said in the "user experience is king" era, the chain website has in the keywords ranking not very important, but I have to say the chain site for a new site just on the line, whether it is or has a certain value in increasing your weight and the drainage on, so we can not blindly go to the chain, we must learn to have the plan to do outside the chain, what is outside the chain? Only in this way, we can help our website as soon as possible to shorten the key word ranking cycle,


1: soft Wen contribute

2: the number of

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