Anonymous entrepreneur confessed this TM is what really want to say to investors.Know how to seize

· as an entrepreneur in financing, it should be said that entrepreneurs can appear as a partner, in addition to money to bring something else; but it isn’t true, I just want the money, the investor’s advice and feedback, I’m willing to tube.

May 10, 2009, mother’s Day:

· more than 90% of the content of presentations are nonsense, I was making a mess of the.

·: making a good impression can make financing easier, right?.

sh419 index "mother’s Day" in May 8th, the degree of concern has reached 44972, can be said to be an absolute hot these days, to seize the focus of stationmaster friends, this is a good opportunity to make money.

mother’s Day carnations? Seem to have been out of date, if you want to impress these young people after 80 or 90, then you need to have a better idea, then, when we are to give the mother to send holiday gifts, we have opportunities to make money to. Now online shopping can be said to be popular in a complete mess, you think about it, when the mother in May 10 received a courier, a gift when you send the opening and found very good, how will

, if I let my mouth be straight, I would like to say to investors: "

09 years of business opportunities are endless, here is a list of the two, just want to say, in fact, opportunities and disaster coexist, we in the 09 years of disaster defense at the same time, to know how to seize opportunities. I also remember the Olympic Station, www.58task to see it, and make the flow of advertising alliance click, is to do a little advertising, don’t be a stranger.

· for investors, I hope the well-known investors can give us money, so there will be herd effect, it will attract other investors. In addition, the famous investor’s Twitter news can also help us to propagandize.

·: Although we have money, there is no real impetus to our business.

·? You asked me, "what’s the timing of this round of financing?"". So my answer is: just for today.

July 22, 2009, the total solar eclipse:

· in fact, that’s not true. Besides your investment, I also hope you can bring more investment.

· the answer was also made up by me, creating an emergency state that indicates that our project is hot and can be finished at any time. You know what I mean, and I know exactly about that. I want you to give me an answer, so we don’t have to play

into power? !"

many friends may disdain to eclipse coming, but you cannot ignore the eclipse opportunities. A lot of friends through the sales of solar eclipse glasses, made a fortune. But the business is not only so, by doing a lot of portal eclipse topics, earn a small profit. Many web sites are held eclipse activities, this eclipse brings unlimited business opportunities.

· the growth chart is only the result of the week of the best performance. I’ve got a handle on the data so that I can look better. I spend more time talking about growth. I’m not our own story, just to impress investors.

her mood?

09 is a lucky year, is full of opportunities and disaster year. Perhaps some friends still complaining about the disaster and pain in these years, but if you want to, in the disaster, 09 years also bring you unlimited business opportunities and opportunities? When countless opportunities come, if you truly seize these opportunities, they will

I’m an entrepreneur and I find the whole process of finding an investment really annoying. I really hope I don’t have to look for money any more, so my business trip will be happy. It is shown, from the beginning to the end, who can boast who is better, easier access to funds.

·: my financing presentation is just a PPT file, and I got a popular name. I want you to feel that I’m not a newbie, so I’ll try to use your expression, even though these words make me feel bad.

recently a well-known technology blog pandodaily published an article, this article is published in StartupsAnonymous this column, this column is updated weekly, invite entrepreneurs and investors anonymously, share their true feelings, express the most wanted to say, this week’s article is as follows:

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