On the four channels to obtain the advantages and disadvantages of WangzhuanTaobao outlet subdivisio

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general staff Wangzhuan we can not find a suitable own Wangzhuan project, in fact, we can also find some pay to buy Wangzhuan project, which paid Wangzhuan can generally be in each big Wangzhuan forum or website to see, but there is little need to each big Wangzhuan staff noted that those domestic pay the Wangzhuan or deceptive, or sell some "junk" Wangzhuan, these "junk" Wangzhuan basically everywhere on the network, so the purchase paid time Wangzhuan project, we must add staff Wangzhuan Wangzhuan verification, look at the value whether we buy, instead. After all, now cheater so much more time to pay the validation study Wangzhuan is free to finally didn’t earn money, but also have a laugh but for Don’t taste it,

2 to the more integrity of the forums or other places to buy some paid Wangzhuan

third: promotion methods to achieve the ultimate


first: segment your Taobao market,


is a permanent guest of different projects, and some simple other projects, and every day there are so many people to join the ranks, so even if you join the ranks of Taobao customers very early, if you don’t work hard, as is to be eliminated, in order to get survival in the fierce competition in the market, is to keep their special skills into full play, so the person later, even after us, is also very difficult, as long as we walk in front of you, we will be able to earn money, even if other people can catch up from behind it, I think for us effect is not so big

personnel in each big Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum or website can not find suitable for their own Wangzhuan project, but also do not want to spend money to buy those who paid the Wangzhuan project, then I recommend you to join in this only some Wangzhuan team, but there is little need to remind the staff Wangzhuan is not those Wangzhuan team the good to join, because at least you have to have "power" or is good at something that is otherwise.


now the Taobao customer is not like before, as long as the simple optimization at the website has a good ranking, and then every day through the search engine to bring order to us, but now it is different, the search engine has completely changed, even if your site outside the chain more, every copy more articles of words that does not necessarily have a good ranking, mainly because the search engines pay more attention to the quality of the chain, so do search engine optimization, and to pay more attention to do some high quality of the chain, the concrete can look at the "high quality is the chain of" this article made out of the ", said very clearly, don’t always want to do more, to think about doing fine and strong.


1 see the official recommended Wangzhuan

is the most common one of the channels, and at the same time we are most likely to get staff Wangzhuan Wangzhuan resources, the famous forum or website is undoubtedly the best choice of our staff Wangzhuan, because in these Wangzhuan forum or website brings together the most Wangzhuan staff, they exchange their own experience with the information in some Wangzhuan here, we can according to these new staff Wangzhuan they share or exchange of information in the find our own Wangzhuan project, but unfortunately these Wangzhuan forum or website Wangzhuan project mostly offline Union, other projects are relatively small, it is in want of perfection!

from each big Wangzhuan site forum

in recent years with the development of domestic Internet, the Internet is not a money what strange things, but the most important thing is to make money on the network no threshold in real life is not so high, like a job that required you must reach what this calendar, for those of us who are not so. The staff is very glad Wangzhuan thing, because in the network as long as you have, or have a good idea you can easily sit at home to make money, but make money in the network is not a tolerance thing, among other things, at least you have your right Wangzhuan the project is, that we how to Wangzhuan personnel in the network to find a suitable not only for us, but also can make Wangzhuan

finally, and all the players who have to do Taobao must learn a thing, that is the executive power, I believe that Taobao friends to do when they just found, start >!


3 to join a team to become a member of the

for the novice, can be said to have no resources to human resources, no contacts, if we go and others fight, how can we win? Taobao customer market is so big, some popular products have long been others do, and they do so early, if we go and they fight, is undoubtedly yiluanjidan, lose everything, so I want to convert our ideas, although they do, then they must be somewhat lacking in detail, then it will be our breakthrough, we from the details in our Taobao customer market subdivision, it not only competition small. But the effect is also fast, let us do Taobao off also can quickly earn money.

off the threshold is very low, whether you are students, workers, farmers, as long as you want to do Taobao customers, Taobao will join the ranks of the guest to, so now the Taobao customer market competition is very fierce, there are a large number of people to join the ranks of Taobao customers every day, but also a large number of people who left Taobao off the ranks, which is the vast majority of people are joining Taobao customers not to earn money, there is a way that Taobao off? The answer is yes, as long as you are willing to think, go to the method.

second: make a website bigger and stronger

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