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entrepreneurial opportunity:

finally, learn to change the shlf1314-adsense color, improve the probability of delay. The effect was obvious at first, but not in the last few days. Click no promotion, and the unit price is low to 0.04. Not as pure as before. And friends reacted strongly mainly shlf1314, shlf1314 ads is not good, low price and money. , So, and changed back to the previous picture mode..

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in the second half of 2015, Intel Shanghai R & D center invited Hao Peng to make a report on wireless charging for them. ">

2, Chosan innovation barriers to competition, one has first mover advantage, founder Dr. Hao Peng began to focus on the wireless charging technology innovation and development since 2012, has accumulated more than 30 kinds of patent technology. The two is the threshold of technical barriers Chosan innovation is high enough, the field of wireless charging technology at the leading level in the world, especially in high power transmission technology benchmarking enterprises become an independent school, the global wireless charging.


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project highlights:

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sharing: Lao Peng recent Adsense blog money making test experience:

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almost at the same time, Shanghai, Hao Peng’s Chu Shan innovation has just been finalized by Ming potential capital lead, purple cattle fund with tens of millions of yuan to invest Pre-A round of financing.

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, first of all, tell me about my blog. I don’t like friends, I can drag it directly to the end,:

36 years old was named Professor Hao Peng, has been praised the elite investors resume, earned a doctorate from the Melbourne University in Australia, was the Liaoning aircraft R & D personnel, in four years of university teaching in cultivating the field of wireless charging, got more than thirty kinds of patent.

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shared charging treasure is occupying shopping malls, stations, hospitals, restaurants…

1, Chu Shan innovation is a company specializing in the field of home wireless charging technology company, providing WPC based framework for magnetic resonance wireless charging program, focusing mainly on smart appliances and smart hardware To B market. In June this year, Chu Shan announced the acquisition of the capital by Ming potential investment, purple cattle fund with tens of millions of yuan investment Pre-A round of financing.

advertising more, but with less, mainly taking into account the user experience this piece. If everyone into my blog, see all advertising, how much will be uncomfortable..

by experts on demand, and their own summary of experience, and now to share with you:

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There are two

capital sought, the media focus on sharing, charging treasure is true or false to seek pain points of attention, naturally move on charging optimization technology discussed trend, wireless charging stocks rise again.

as learning tyrants, Hao Peng but not law-abiding. "I know I want to start a business. I need to think about what to do, how to do it, and when to do it."

, a restless college professor,

sharing charge treasure is occupying the station, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants…… almost at the same time, Shanghai, Chu mountain Hao Peng’s innovation just hammered out by the Ming potential capital lead investor, purple cow fund with the investment of tens of millions of dollars Pre-A round of financing. Chu Shan innovation is a company specializing in wireless charging technology in the field of home appliances, providing WPC based framework for magnetic resonance wireless charging program, focusing mainly on smart appliances and smart hardware To B market.

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just built the blog, and that will be 1, 3, 5. Bring me a 15 CPL income. Very excited. The same day, try to write a guide for others to register. The result was so bad that I didn’t see any money again.

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3, this year, Chu Shan innovative task is to continue to force in the B end products, and strive to achieve technical benchmarking. This includes two levels: one is to cooperate with more giant enterprises; second, to obtain bulk orders in some segments. In the future, Hao Peng hopes to continue to maintain its benchmark position, while expanding to more areas and product categories.

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