A few tips, Baidu brings three thousand P to my regional network

some time ago to do a local information network, I do is municipal information website, the network program, the site has just done just Mengjin with information, with nearly ten thousand, the result was only included hundreds of other information, are not included, do not know why included so little, later got a master asked, through expert guidance, found that there are many unreasonable sites, the two week changes, today a view statistics, found that IP actually jumped more than 3000.

first, keyword must be properly arranged, with a keyword not accumulated too much, for example, I am here to Shanxi, I wrote a lot of rent in Shanxi, Shanxi friends, Shanxi. In fact,… Just write a Shanxi can, a key word too much will be regarded as cheating in Baidu.

When the

collects information from other sites do not completely copy, at the time of the release of the title and try to put the information content of the modification, or change of order, let Baidu think information is original. Will improve the speed of update on your web site.

don’t try to rape Baidu traffic, some people think that sent Baidu Post Bar, Baidu know, released a lot of publicity information can be more traffic, in fact, this method is wrong, can not say completely useless, but when you pay attention to skills, the same information is only a few times, do not repeat a lot the soft hair, to promote their own website, this is the best.

friendship connection, don’t do it randomly, some websites of corn by Baidu K dropped, and such websites do links, will also affect your collection. In doing friendship connection, don’t just pay attention to his PR, to pay attention to his amount, 10000 of the amount of information, if included in the proportion of no more than 50%, that is the existence of the problem, this kind of website is dangerous,

I use the free version of the network, the free version does not support the generation of static network, made the website all know, Baidu on the static collection of speed is far higher than the dynamic page, after several days of research, and finally developed a static generation net of plug-ins, I put all the information into the static page. Web access speed has greatly increased.

after a week of modification, today view statistics, suddenly found that IP increased by more than 3000, many keywords are routed to the first page, do area information network owners can add QQ group 18717908, the group has nearly one hundred site area, welcome to come to discuss, there is a need to generate static network plug-in can contact me, contact me before ten every day for free, QQ 5566616 marked net validation plugin.

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