Junior U designer Handbook

, an art designer in the UI Design Department of an enterprise, is distinguished from human-computer interaction optimization, user behavior analysis, user experience optimization, and page language standards optimization.

especially in the Internet industry China existing fast track enterprise product design features, designers are seeking for art itself is relatively high, but the quality is also more comprehensive.

a UI artist is a window of the enterprise, a product of the soul,

today, I’d like to talk about what a UI artist should do at an early stage in a small Internet Co.

(because I have been doing the management, technology itself is not involved in the field of art design, too professional therefore can only comment, please Paizhuan)

first of all, as a UI art designer, when you get a Case, the first thing you should do is forget your own role.

because you need to plan and plan your work first, you have to understand what you’re going to do, how you do it, and why you do it,

if you’re doing Minisite for a marketing campaign, you need to strengthen your sense of business expression;

if you are assisting product manager to do product interface design, you need to know more about the concept, characteristics and user base of this product.

if you are doing a Case station for the customer, you also need to understand the customer’s psychology, the characteristics of the industry and the main audience of his website.

then, to the specific implementation of the steps:

1 determines the tone and tone you will be using.

according to the information you have learned, and then according to its industry characteristics, product characteristics, business purposes determine a main color, and more than two auxiliary color, develop a color scheme.

Depending on your work experience and several of Case’s requirements, the amount of

used, and whether they are strongly contrasting or over graded.

2 collects the elements that you have to use.

whether it is done for the activity of Minisite, or client of the entire station program, or product design. There must be some points that must be expressed, the elements to be used, and the plates and columns to be divided.

and these are the prerequisites you can’t over express or miss one of them.

, for example, a product promotion station, the page must have at least some identification, enterprise product identification, product promotion buttons, characteristics and advantages of the expression, the promotion of selling it, these are the most basic.

through deep communication with customers, product managers or relevant executives, and you yourself on this Cas>

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