Talent web site webmaster to understand the wisdom of its operation points


compared to sell products, sell services, talent website is also a kind of wisdom export, webmasters have is not real, but one with skill and talent, how to build a bridge between applicants and demand, is a lot of talent website whether the website is to do the first point long term. After all, the competitiveness of talent websites and the constant strength of long-term development are all dependent on talents.

since talking about people, that is, our talents in the web site registered users, everyone will have what kind of idea?. What should we do to meet their expectations of the website in response to their needs?. I think there are three main points, you need to pay attention to the webmaster.

first, from a perspective of job seekers to a web site if they cannot give enough job choice, then it should be in the area under the time, that is to say if the site personnel can not do, it must be fine.

second points, most job seekers to find suitable for their work, even if the need to pay a membership fee, if access to valuable information is also possible, but now the talent website motionless will charge if the information provided is of no value, then permanent loss will be for users.

PS: from this point of view, according to the user’s profit will be very sensitive, webmaster will focus on profits elsewhere, rather than in the long run.

third, job seekers need a detailed understanding of the situation to the unit worked for further communication, therefore, people need to set up a special web page for business users, as much as possible the enterprise information show, of course there is a lot of problems, such as energy, personal webmaster difficult to do for each page an enterprise user, but I think this part needs feedback to business users, allowing them to build their own enterprise interface, can not


in front of about talent website need some change for job seekers to do, which is an important measure to secure website development, so how to make the website registered user gets a certain amount of growth, and thus enhance the site strength will be an important proposition. But I’m here to share a few tips for you to use.


1, a blog about today’s college students (not graduating) is a huge market for job applications. They are different from the strong desire for part-time, the author did the corresponding investigation, only offered to college students pay 10 yuan for the job, they attract as can be imagined. So when do website promotion, we can based on the needs of part-time students, some tutoring services, working hours, the main member, promotion work promptly pushed to them, once the work is enjoyable, so reputation marketing for the site itself is beneficial.


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