Give some advice to older personal owners

1, our older webmaster and behind these children, time, energy, ability to accept at a disadvantage, but we have a special advantage, we are relatively well-off economy. So my advice is to spend money to save map, such as a web site system, we can buy commercial version, free version is much better than those who have, there are a lot of commercial version, don’t have the time and effort to achieve. For example, PowerEasy SQL commercial version which will have a membership management and automatic card sales system, if there is no such thing, could you open the station?! you should take the time to spend his energy code or manual but my advice is to use money. In the end, you’ll find it really worthwhile.

2, buy website system, the most should be considered in the service, rather than the other, in the process of the station will not solve the problem, they note that those of us older Adsense on the computer and program code to understand the acceptance of capacity should be less than the children out of the. What we need most is a problem when the people can timely solve our problems, our time and energy are not allowed to solve a problem or find a post search everywhere to spend a lot of time on the Internet, and I for the domestic forum in the spirit of mutual skepticism. Therefore, when considering the website system, do not worry too much about whether the function is advanced or not, and whether the module is complete or not, what should be considered is the service attitude and professionalism of the software operation company.

3, if the program code met on what the problem really cornered, first consider the MSDN or CSDN advice, don’t know Baidu or webmaster forum, to the most professional local questions may soon be able to get the answer, can save time. Recommended here, CSDN, where should be regarded as the most professional code of procedures forum. Often can enjoy some exciting to write beautiful code, is a kind of enjoyment.

4, acquisition of skills must be mastered, like our older webmaster, is absolutely no time a human! Collected articles as a human edited article quality, but we have no human time. In this respect, I do not recommend a dedicated collection of programs such as locomotives, because there is a conversion.

5, all methods should be used to be lazy, such as batch compression procedures, batch rename procedure, batch modify character program, batch modify the template program and so on, in a word, everything should be minimized, as the size of my computer, anti is worthless things, and also not bad.


must be very skilled master SQL syntax, for the direct operation of the database, using SQL syntax in the database can have a multiplier effect, there are a lot of headache for people are often used to solve one or two query can be perfect. This is the way for our older webmaster to be lazy! SQL syntax applies to all databases, from ACCESS, SQL20>

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