A Jiang personal webmaster site for what

see the title and continue to read, most is personal website webmaster, so, you stand for what,


answers may have many kinds:

1, is the establishment of entrepreneurship, start your career, this is not an ordinary site, but a heart and your unique business ideas, your website to start with a clear profit model, a huge number and this "benefit" or an ordinary people would not dare to think, your site will be financed by the acquisition will be listed……

2, money, the website is your work, you work day and night, your site is leave no stone unturned, netizens very love, they put your site added to favorites or even set home, they will put your site on to a friend on QQ or recommend your website in the forum, blog. Search engines also love you, and search for new friends will like you. You’re tired, but full, and your website brings you a steady income that doesn’t make you a "successful person", but it puts envy on those around you.

3, to make money, just for the money, for you this will use unscrupulous divisive tactics. You will make a lot of topics for the Internet, regardless of whether the content integrity and deformation; you will attract users with a variety of provocative language, playing the edge ball at jurisprudence; you even make their sites pop even horse…… Your web traffic so you’ll be in hang by a thread, it sucked it every drop of the rest of life.

4, hobbies and pastimes, in this wonderful world of the Internet, you can not be satisfied with browsing the website of others, you find their own web sites and can be continuously modified and she will be a very interesting thing. What do you put your love in the website, and let their like-minded friends to read and download; you write the passions on the site, not being seen as a devout believer in God to talk; you always refresh on your site and a reply message, and never tired.

no doubt, now the first and third categories accounted for the majority, these webmaster call themselves "grassroots webmaster."".

is actually a lot like me the old webmaster (A Jiang just as the old owners are worried about it), a kind of impetuous atmosphere is now filled in individual stationmaster group, unrealistic, quick many new Adsense may also meet the eye everywhere, not to wear shoes, it has been successfully run full of confidence.

feel the pride of a river? After all, I hit the pole of individual stationmaster head 80% up, as if I am more and more sophisticated great, others are not like shit. Everybody must not misunderstand, I actually am only here reminds, the new stationmaster ask oneself more – I whether belong to one of impetuous stationmaster,


want to be the first class webmaster friends, fundamentally speaking, I admire, I belong to the conservative Qiuwen, everything that you have no fear of failure. "

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