Domain name is the coat of a website

first of all, we feel that the audience is relying on the search engine and domain name to understand the site first, I would like to last article on the "enterprise website, network marketing ""; first impression "". In the actual application of website domain name plays the role will be more and more important. Domain names will gradually become a link to connect customers and sites.

we should pay special attention to the domain name of the website is the website, because of the different audiences, according to the website audience of different occupation, age, level of education is different, their domain name will have the different understanding and interpretation. A popular domain name can undoubtedly lay a good foundation for the development of the website.

for the virtual host industry customers is undoubtedly is the network as the carrier, they are more dependent on search engines, also believe that the search engine, then the sales network in the foreign host space domain selection will be more inclined to SEO as the center. Our Baidu search "foreign host space" natural ranking the first site of, and second of the two sites containing hosting domain names are the key words, this also indicates that the domain name contains keywords on the SEO effect is great. Webhosting and hosting have the meaning of host space in English, and as a consumer of foreign virtual host space, it is obvious that hosting is more professional than zhuji. In this case, a seemingly professional website domain name may indirectly make your customers more trusting of your services and products.

Now we look at the

enterprise website domain name, website audience is a traditional industry, so for them to find a strong partner and most security products is the ultimate appeal. Search engine guidelines are important, but the strength of the enterprise is the focus of inspection. Enterprise management is mainly to expand marketing channels, through the website to attract more customers, so the site’s domain name card like as the first to highlight the corporate brand and the strength of enterprises, will let customers feel that the intrinsic value of the enterprise. this site is a radiator manufacturers corporate website, is the same industry relatively large companies, their brand is "Hebei warm" clearly highlights the product brand website is more official the taste, but also enhance the overall image of the enterprise network, but also different from other manufacturers. Will give consumers a deep impression. Another station of the domain name is this site is also a radiator manufacturer, his replacement domain name on the words "radiator", it is good for SEO to believe, but the problem is not only his brand, name card is only printed on the radiator factory". In today’s increasingly popular consumer differentiation trend, it is difficult to give consumers a deep impression, because many manufacturers radiator, radiator products are also many, in the consumer can not start the situation

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