Small picture station was Baidu included

said I was the most rookie level webmaster, not too much, my beauty picture station is not my own built. Say thank you to my friend here, and thank him for giving me so much technical support during his busy schedule.

began to enter the theme, I heard that the site has to flow, you have to rely on Baidu, so I stand good, all the work is around how to be included in Baidu to do. On the SEO forum, asked the SEO master, say is adhere to update ah, original ah, do link ah. I found a lot of people do links, new sites looking for someone else, someone else to a sentence: "your station, Baidu did not included ah?" "And so on, and then do it", there is no way to do friendship is mutually beneficial, but also for others to consider, this road is blocked. Then I applied for blog, so I applied for blog in Tianya, 163, Sina and Baidu. I persisted in updating my blog every day, and made a link to my website on my blog.

say the content of the original, the picture station content original, can only do the topic, always pay attention to the latest focus on the network events. Tianya by talk is a good place to go, a lot of focus events are beginning in the bid. I used to do a few themes, a Liaoning woman scolded people in disaster areas in Sichuan, 90 beauty hair nude encourage donations and Juhua Xiang Xiang children 1986 kept woman event, the effect is very good, a son can get hundreds of thousands of IP.

in addition to these popular topics, there is also a way to do a star picture of the topic, such as I have done a special topic of Yuko Ogura, introduced her resume, life, work, love and so on. Some people say that in order to search engine writing soft text, not necessarily to write good, arrange key words on it. I very much agree with this, in fact, like our webmaster, a few are good writing? What’s wrong with me anyway? Want to write the experience well, but the language is not organized well. Sum up a few small points.

1) adhere to the update, more attention to the network of hot events, writing with pictures of the topic

2) I recommend Baidu, Sina and Tianya blog

3) if you have a station that is not on the same server, the PR station pulls you up and makes a link, which is the best.

my station, Baidu was released a month later. For a lot of prawns, this time has been very long, of course, I wrote this article for rookie level Adsense to see.

I’m still looking for friendship, similar beauty pictures station webmaster contact me ha. QQ:4990614

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