The same overseas space, there are many Chinese webmaster do the station

because English station, try to use credit card in GoDaddy bought a 150G space, then spent 500 yuan, spent more than half a year, feel everything is good, is also very stable.

recently due to make a station to station needs regular and garbage station in two space, get a province closed, just want to buy a 150G space, checked, because I had GoDaddy space, GoDaddy gives a discount code, can thirty percent off, after the discount is 380 yuan, I feel very cost-effective, ready to buy, when a netizen told me Taobao and some other ways of GoDaddy agents, from them cheaper to buy discount, had thought to try.

found a seller, very professional, very good people, very quickly on a good, buy a space, the other with independent IP, after three hours, the space in hand, began to find the space station, it is difficult to connect, the upload speed is slow, suggesting that IP users too much to the second day, tried in the company, and found that the speed of what is normal, but after a while, at four o’clock in the afternoon, and the slow start, and before their bought in the GoDaddy space is very normal.

this is what reason, on the background to see, two space without any distinction, GoDaddy never has ah, the space also don’t cheat me, what reason, this morning, finally thought of a point:

in Chinese space GoDaddy, in order to be able to get a more suitable price, the general should be the whole package under a host of sales, direct customers to sell space and GoDaddy sure there is no difference, but one thing is very important, taking Chinese are selling customers are generally Chinese webmaster, so in this host belongs to Chinese Webmaster Station will be more, so upload speed connection effect will be worse, this is my understanding, of course, not necessarily right, please forgive me.

and most Chinese stationmaster in the United States space station is a problem station or garbage station, also can easily be sealed, often heard some friends around the United States IP to seal up, I think this is why. Half a year before I buy their own space and many never had any problems, I think it should be their own to buy space, the host station Chinese causes less, so in the domestic access and upload data are relatively stable.

so, this gives us space station to buy a bit of advice, if you are not particularly concerned about a little money, if you want your station more stable, better with their own credit card to buy directly, they become direct customers, let your English standing in a group of real host English station in this will be more.

give you a test link, test, this is the use of my new purchase of space, most of the time is still stable, and sometimes it will be worse, there may be

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