My network dream Miss standing day

the following figure is up to just a year and a half years from the site to earn money, the site has done more than ten years, but the time is not long, there is no one running. I’m just having fun building websites, and I don’t know what to do when the site is finished. Only the first domain name to most of the time, then CN m from 40 to 25, I finally bought one, tied to a friend gave me a open space, then the management has not now so strict, friends website operation is very good, I was learning PHP, he made a PHP of the altar, did not know how to promote, add some advertising in the QQ group. I remember one day at more than 80 IP, I am happy to me, oh. The idea is very simple, they could become the next Internet rookie network become the era of beach goers. It is needless to say, after a lot of work all through the night, I finally know the website not only can the technology.

began to pay attention to some operation methods of personal website, then often go to Admin5, in accordance with the above article try to find my traffic do not write so good, sometimes even no effect, then know that they wrote called soft Wen, is a look very real advertising. Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to write soft letters like they do. Have to find their own way,.

this time last year I started hanging QQ in the chat room, then QQ chat room popularity is very busy, I am a local propaganda website, three or four QQ at the same time hanging, one day can Laiersanbai IP, then the Tencent has taken some measures, it is not so. In fact, at that time very silly, and then if you do a garbage station, put some advertising, hang a few QQ, should be able to get two money.

at that time I changed two jobs, in fact, still very lucky, at least I will point technology, not like some of the flow of food to eat, pointing to this guy alive. Last summer I got a job as a PHP programmer. I was tired, but very happy. Grandpa Deng was right. Science and technology were both productive and productive. When the programmer of the day, the technology has been improved, go home at night or continue to do stand, actually pick up a part-time program to a web site to make money, but I don’t love my clients and I JJYY, he not think of what to make, but I let a lot of change. Although the website does not make money, but do not accept by other people, as long as do not put illegal content, how can you get?. Later know Stone forum, thought that SEO is the site of the Savior, indeed also successfully tested several station every day to earn $one or two when good. But the good times don’t last long SEO do no good, or that the reins in the hands of the SE, not long after the site is down right, no flow.

is now the first registered domain name by Baidu K, and I use it to do a garbage station, with post machine every day in the post bar mass, ha ha, hope to early one hundred knives, then I may no longer give empty

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