Review the six months to do the station course, only insist two words

time flies, such as water, time flies, now Qiazhiyisuan, do stand for June time. Six months, said long not long, said short is not short, but the sweet and sour is worth pondering.

in June this year, the company is currently working to candidates, did not want to consider this company, but later in the weekend treatment, a national legal holiday temptation, or come to work, although at that time, a total of only two people are the boss. So, I faint, half bright not white embarked on the path of seo.

never heard the word "SEO" at that time, or even the website was optimized. The layman’s layman. But at that time it is learned a lot of things, know the web site with promotion behind it is to make money, know the back of the Baidu snapshot is what meaning, know why why search other sites on the first page…… At that time, I thought SEO was so interesting that everything was new to me. But later, when they began to do it personally, they found that a lot of things do not want to say that simple, want to do a good job, but also to spend some time thinking.

chain article

remember, at the beginning of the time to do is pseudo original and hair chain. Pseudo original also feel relatively smooth, and their text level has always been good. But the hair chain can beat me, before I never stroll BBS, blog. When you sign up for a forum account, you don’t even know what your signature is. See other people’s posts, there are links below, you can click in, but not their own, worried for a long time. Also Baidu search inside should be how to set personal signature. So, in the first day of the hair chain, request to send thirty every day, because I really can’t find hair place, directly in the QQ group of thirty. Later learned that, in the original QQ inside hair is no effect, not included.

at that time, every day on the Internet looking for forums, time is not less, but little harvest. I don’t know which way to go to the forum. It’s silly to search the forums directly inside Baidu. Things that come out are not what they need. At that time, only one week was able to use the signature of the forum one or two, for some time I was in a forum on thirty hair chain. Later, the boss said that this is not good, to find more hair outside the chain of resources, so began to tangle with the forum tour. But ultimately, ah let me find some way, then I found on the SEO forum is can use character signature and many are not waiting to upgrade registered can use. The forum also has the place which specially can advertise the irrigation water, but also has many people to speak the SEO knowledge. So I searched the SEO forum inside Baidu, and I found a lot of forums in the afternoon. You don’t know the mood at that time. I’m still excited about buying a new dress and new shoes. Finally, as time goes on,

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