Third party blogs create 10 things to note

1, I’m more commonly used third party blog is Sina blog, and dispatch blog, Baidu space, because their friendship links and articles, content, anchor, text links do the chain is effective. NetEase blog and Sohu blog link is invalid, only articles, content, anchor, text links of the chain is valid.

2, blog name is best not to use keywords to do, change a screen name or brand name, so that it will appear more natural, too deliberately optimized, but not good.

3, Sina blog as an example, on the left side of the column with a personal picture below (* * * * * * company profile column can be text keywords) component, company profile in 200 words or less, appropriate to add some long tail keywords can be.

text component add method: after landing, page settings -> custom component -> add text component

4, add a text component on the left, the content is * * * company honor, get excellent * * * sportswear brand name, and so on, as long as there are keywords inside it. I’m just just for example, you can also put more information about your business or product here.

5, a blog classification, also set in the neighborhood page, column name is not directly to key words, can be seasonal + keywords or other long tail words, such as sportswear, can be summer uniforms or athletic wear promotions.

6, join friendship link column, I suggest is, can be used as official blog, in the main web site and several of its own blog do link each other, so that you can accelerate the ascension of the weight of the pace. Work with your own blogs to make a simple sprocket.

7, the beginning of comments and messages are written on their own, comments appropriate to add keywords, it is best to appear in the first 10 words, so that when the home page calls, you can see the key words.

8, when writing articles to write keyword tags, the article content at the beginning, do not impatient to do anchor anchor text links, first do blog own home page anchor text link, let blog support own weight.

9, the blog’s basic files and blog profiles are also perfect, and the files can be properly added keywords.

10, search in the industry are not so famous celebrity blog information, brush too famous too fast, the results are not, one began to visit, so in other blogs "visitors" column will appear in your blog, leave a few words on it, the main role is to attract the spider, and not in this way to bring traffic. Generally do 2-3 days blog basic can be included.

above 10 points, peer experience reference, comment original. Please indicate the source for reprint

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