Clever use of the power of the masses to obtain traffic

QQ is a huge platform for traffic. And many webmaster also often put their web site affixed to the QQ signature. But only their own, there is a web site on QQ, the efficiency is relatively low. But if a large number of users will put your website affixed to the signature, the traffic is still considerable. The following describes how to let you put your website affixed to their QQ signature and space.

someone designed such a signature trojan. When the user clicks access. QQ signature will automatically become Trojan set address, QQ good will because of curiosity to visit such a website, and the signature of the same good some will also be modified, although some people paid little heed to the signature. But your friends are always concerned about it. A Trojan horse that reached a twenty pass 100 effect. Here do not agree to use Trojan horse to get traffic. After all, such an approach is immoral, but we can extend the idea of this event. Use regular channels to get everyone posted on our website.

according to local conditions. This is more important, for example, you want to let people lose weight to help you hang the web site, then you collect some knowledge of weight loss. Even some people are spending money on recipes, experiences, etc.. Or want to do Taobao customers who help you hang on the site, then find out some Taobao off procedures and tutorials, as long as people want to get these experiences, procedures, tutorials, QQ needs to be set for you to modify their signature advertising. At the same time, you write a soft text, let them publish in their own QQ space. Changed the signature and published the space "soft Wen" a few days (as for a few days). You can set it yourself. You can get the corresponding tutorial.

This is the

with artificial lure allows QQ to achieve active users to modify their own signature, because the description of the tutorial is very attractive, want to lose interest, want to make money do guest will take the initiative to amend the signature and release the soft. Some people asked. The others helped hang up a few days later, I sent a tutorial, others removed. It is not what. Ha-ha。 Have you found that if the A users have been modified, the A users have seen it?. It may be tempted, but also take the initiative to modify. In this way, the spread and multiplication of traffic have been realized. So even if A expires. And A’s friends continue this way. Well, I hope this little experience can help. And thanks to A5 for providing such an exchange platform.

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