April Fool’s Day – website and my birthday!

I’m just a junior high school student. I don’t have much to write to. Only for personal experience. Last night friends discussed the April Fool’s day together in April 1st. I think I’ve been really fooled. I got a call from my parents in the morning and said it was my birthday. Shocked, I and my website blind quotient online to the same day birthday, http://s.ms173.com/. If you are willing to exchange links with me, please click directly, thank you first.

, let’s take a look at the origin of April Fools’ Day:

April Fool’s Day originated in france. In 1564, France’s first new calendar reform — the Gregorian calendar (the Gregorian calendar that is currently common), in January 1st as the beginning of the year. But conservativewho opposed this reform, still stubbornly in accordance with the lunar calendar in April 1st this day to send gifts to celebrate the new year. Advocates of reform mocked the old timers. Smart and funny people gave them fake gifts in April 1st, invited them to the reception, and called the gullible conservatives "April fools" or "hooked fish"". From then on, people fooled each other in April 1st and became a popular custom in france. At the beginning of the eighteenth Century, the custom of April Fool’s day spread to England, then was brought to America by the early settlers of england.

April Fool’s day, people often organize family gatherings and decorate their rooms with daffodils and daisies. Typical arrangement of the traditional approach is to leave the environment, can decorate the room like Christmas. Can also be arranged as a new year, when the guests, then congratulations to them "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year", it was interesting and unique.

fish dinner in April 1st. Also open up a fresh outlook. An invitation to a feast; usually a small colored fish made of cardboard. Table with green and white decorated. Put the middle of the tank and little and dainty fishing rod, each rod is a green ribbon, hanging to give guest’s gift or an exquisite celluloid fish, or a fish basket full of candy. It goes without saying that all the fish at the fish feast are made of fish.

on April Fool’s Day party, and a fake food customs. Some people have described a typical April Fool’s Day Recipes: first a salad of lettuce, green pepper on a shaman, but after the leaves opened, it was found that the following are oyster cocktails; the second dish is "roast potatoes", are sweet crumbs and; later on vegetables and meat for camouflage Roasted Chicken and tomato salad buried in the following raspberry ice cream. After dinner, guests can also eat candy from the pill box.

but the most typical activity on April Fool’s Day is that people play jokes on each other and play tricks on each other. Some people leave their wallets tied to the streets, and they pull the other end of the line in the dark. Once someone picks up the purse, they pull it away by surprise. Others put bricks under broken hats, put them in the middle of the road, and wait to see who comes

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