Localization is the development trend of the website

previously, the industry has many experts have localized search targets, local search and online local advertising, such as a special discussion. This has a good reference value for businesses trying to attract local users and localize operations through the network. Even small businesses advertise on sites like Google.

of course, the localization trend of the website is not merely to attract users to view the information of local enterprises, but the most important thing is to build an overall platform for online services. On this platform, including everything in the real world.

Localization of the

network began in 2005, when Google launched a map search service. Unlike traditional map services, Google maps are faster and more friendly, including global satellite maps. It is completely free to users and allows people everywhere to create innovative online applications that incorporate different content of information. The launch of the Google ranking map has sparked a wave of organic integration between the real world and online data in a novel way.

, of course, the Google map is not the only place to integrate the real world with the online world. With the rise of map service sites such as Google, Maps, Placeopedia, WikiMapia and Jotle, image blogs have mushroomed. These sites are excellent not only because they integrate the reality and the Internet world, but also because they adhere to the principle of user oriented content services. This principle used to be very popular on websites such as Flickr and YouTube.

‘s recent new web sites still adhere to the integration of real world and localization information. Zillow.com is an interesting site that allows users to assess the value of a house through aerial images. Industry experts Rebecca Lieb said, Zillow.com website practices are likely to subvert the traditional land industry.

Another interesting site for

is Placeblogger, which aims to aggregate all specific domain name information. Although the amount of data on the Placeblogger website is still increasing, users still feel a strong sense of the tremendous opportunities and value they offer.

many online developers also believe that the place name business is promising. Online place name service is promising because it provides specific services, such as determining people’s groups through people’s income, entertainment and other means. Of course, there is still a lot of difficulty in locking the user base entirely on the basis of demography. As time goes on, I believe this technology will continue to improve, but the place name service of a specific user group is still a tough and expensive thing.

new trends in the integration of real world and online information may change, and developers may be in a specific area

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