ndividual website is legalized, scene is put on record the worry of grass root stationmaster concer

February 23, 2010, an unforgettable day for a Chinese webmaster, a new policy has been put in place: the Ministry will resume its individual bid site and be authenticated and take photos on the spot. This topic quickly spread in the webmaster circles. I in the webmaster BBS investigation summary, there are 90% webmaster choose not to live photos for the record, only 10% webmaster willing to follow the policy of the Ministry of industry.

Ministry of personal website bid for this one fell swoop, can be said to be cheerful! However, "in the record field collection site for color bareheaded photos" of the provisions, but so many grassroots webmaster worry about. Looks like, the scene takes a picture is a human nature management system, but why lets so many stationmaster feel that it has the chicken ribs? I search some related information, tells many webmaster’s grief:

1, part-time stationmaster takes a holiday to take a photograph, one month does not have income

goes to IDC to take pictures, no doubt will take a few days off, for white-collar workers on vacation means to deduct money, take a long vacation (from Guangdong to Beijing procedures, at least a week), means that a month without income. The amount of money deducted from a long vacation is equivalent to one month without any salary or bonus. How dare anyone ask for this leave?

2, full-time Adsense invisible loss

originally Adsense industry competition is fierce, if to run outside for a few days, the site does not update, Baidu snapshot will retreat, flow will also reduce accordingly, flow less, economic income will drop. Coupled with the distance from the distance, round-trip tickets are also quite a few, for personal Adsense, the invisible will lose a sum of money.

3, outdated policies do not conform to human reason

business network (www.go7go.cn) said: the webmaster live camera system is too outdated, even as for the second generation ID card! On the Internet is so advanced today, this system really makes owners worry.

if the Ministry to adhere to this practice, is bound to have the unemployment problem with thousands on thousands of webmaster, will be more, you can see this happening abroad, no China, can be said that the development of the Internet today, cannot do without personal credit!

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