Do soft Wen promotion, how to play new tricks


in the last article, the seven line about how to write a soft Wen, today seven lines continue to share with you, how to soft Wen to write their own characteristics, let your product more exposure. This is the seven line in the thinking of the problem, this is also your webmaster to think about.

soft Wen promotion, say plainly, nothing more than in a "Li" word above, the seven line that any information promotion, or exposure, are surrounded by a "Li" word. Is the so-called "the world is a for profit world Rangrang all benefits to", how to make their products more chance, not only to the time from the soft content, but also from the angle of time under the soft news.

as the saying goes, "perseverance, can engrave stone" don’t doubt how soft quality, but to think of your article is to face the customer from any angle, to contact from the identity, sometimes both straightforward and implicit can play its role, but also can "paste" the role, despised too straightforward that is too tactful and not reach the goal, how to make clear and subtle reach marketing objectives at the same time, seven lines give you two ways to look generous with your criticism

news visualization,

seven lines think, no matter what kind of format, or content of soft Wen has a common purpose, that is marketing. We should learn to sell without mud and articles inherent. Good at opening innovation. Baidu billboard everyone in use, are looking at, but can use him to the extreme but very few. We must learn to forward its rise to the hottest news to each big forum, so naturally caused a lot of the crowd. Then we can put advertisements into work in just ways to the bottom of this promotion cannot be read as the extension of the article, it will be despised, we must learn the advertising words in this article from the "XX" at the end of this paper, then forward followed by about ten words of "creative" coloring bold and red font, not too big to do a full sweep, eye to effect.

Title insert method

recently, spread on the network called "title party" network Navy, their posts is not irrelevant to the content, but the title is very attractive, so the users also don’t understand that he cheated, but there are also some netizens are "flicker" transactions. The seven line studies the title of the party, although it can quickly absorb popularity, but there is no internal attention, so although the transaction, but there are many negative effects. How can we put the spirit of the title of the party, seven believe that: we can use the title of the party quickly gathered popularity this buy circle, but this method can’t be used in various forums, is only applicable to the local forum. Because the local customs are different, the meaning is not the same, such as Sichuan’s "stupid" is not only praise again, such as Changsha’s wife called "wife" Hubei wife called "old lady" if you use a local dialect and promote their products, may achieve the unexpected.

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