Growth process, the experience of summing up the station in February

graduates, writing is not good, you will forgive me.

3.23, an oppotunity behind found a friend A Wangzhuan post, then I started the road of the webmaster.

was left behind to see is to pull off the assembly line of the post, so I use Baidu Search " " " task; task Chinese " and found a " " task; task China; website, I am fairly clever, I on the station in the link, found his ads is not him your own website, but AD.*.COM, so I went through the " task; Chinese " this website to find what I am doing now. The domestic League league has just started I was listening to a friend A, from Ali mother casually looking for a website for the domestic league, I began to find a few days ago, a friend of A is likely to cheat others 100 knife, then ignore me. Then inadvertently met friends behind B, he is very good, 10G provides space for me, including now has to help me.

now I talk about some of my thoughts on the establishment of the website, we all know basically to update, most stations are, for start-up webmaster, I just suggest that you do not need to update the establishment of a website to do early promotion, such as a fortune teller station, an online games like these station station station, although the innumerable, but there is one advantage is that it does not need to be updated if it needs to be updated, just update station advertising.

we are doing the station, each station has a theme, or daily collection of content, but the important point is that if the superiority of your keywords (keywords other sites have few or no, the station) that you IP may have more to some. Do this? My method is to see the TOP keyword search engine, and then search for the key words, display related keywords in the search, and search for relevant keywords is very important, this is a search engine to record user search keywords, keyword search habits of users, and most websites update keywords there are some differences, these differences can let us in the station were used to update their content keywords user habits, this is the website of IP is very important to.

station also means there is a proposal, it is recommended that you learn a DOS operating system, DOS operating system or for the master, why? DOS system is the WIN’s father, WIN is just an extension of the DOS system, DOS have what use? You will be on the WIN system and a network an understanding of the theme, the theme of understanding can clean up some of our ideas, know what is important and what is secondary. The domain name method, I want to talk is not choose long domain, there is to be some combination of words to apply, although I just started, but I applied for four.

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