101 investment truth of foreign domain investor

domestic domain name investors have their own personal views, overseas domain investors have their own domain name investment overseas domain name investors recently wise remark of an experienced person, Mike· Sullivan published his own recent years of investment experience of the 101 domain name.

1, read the domain name of the more senior investors blog

2, subscribe to domain names, books and information

3, humbly listen to experts on investment advice

4, himself should be good at summing up their own

5, carefully study and then buy domain name

6, after many studies, and then sell the domain name

7, pay more attention to network and other domain name investment news

8, always looking for investment opportunities,

9, multi party participation, and focus on domain name forum

10, make mistakes,

11, learn to negotiate,

12, about sales,

13, do not disconnect from the posterior

14, buy your domain name

within your financial capacity

15, please remember to schedule domain name renewal

16, in many aspects of value estimation, can not rely too much on their own estimates

17, away from the registered trademark of the enterprise,

18, familiar with the legal provisions of the domain name

19 requires diversified investment and development

20, domain name sales need to sign the relevant sales contract

21, to buy a contract domain name

22, learn to use Google keyword tool

23, review past sales data

24, understand a domain name at what price, is the buyer willing to pay

25, interest in buying domain names

26, looking for examples of effective sales letter letters

27, looking for a good domain name sales program from email

28, telephone communication and consultation,

29, play the role of the broker at the right time,

30, long term adherence and encouragement of yourself

31, set goals and clear vision,

32, register a domain name to consider its availability,

33, registration allows the terminal to look good creative domain name

34, buyers don’t have to be limited to one customer,

35, know more about HTML knowledge,

36, learn one

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