Student webmaster puzzled how to do literature station

with the development of network technology, it is not high tech to do website. Find a CMS station system, online modification and buy a space domain name, the website was born. Yes, when you enter your web site on the Internet, see your website is really excited, and feel that they have entered the IT world, the idea is really naive. Two days of fresh and excited, the problem comes one after another.

need to think carefully before making a website, what station should I do, what resources I have, what my specialty is, whether I can go beyond competitors, etc., all these problems need careful consideration. Think about these problems, then buy the domain name to buy space. Buy domain name, must buy their own content related domain name. Buy a good space is also a very important thing, must buy a faster access space, focusing on user experience, but also to other website to see a table on the server, if the same server hangs on the garbage site on the choice of the best individual space, is not conducive to the search engine ranking. I will give a web site to do it, I made a literature website named at literature network (now Google and YAHOO are ranked first). My own hobby of literature, as well as some friends who are interested in literature, think that I have a lot of resources, so I do this website. Then is to buy the domain name, the name of the site is to look at literature network, so I bought a domain name, I want to look at, oh. The next thing is to buy space, test the speed of space access, and then look at other sites on the same server, and make a decision to buy this space.

site preliminary work done, and then update, maintenance, promotion. The site of the early stage, there must be no popularity, you need to constantly update, continuous promotion, and gradually accumulate popularity. The premise is that your website is good enough to attract people. In life, we often hear such a saying: "good wine, not afraid of deep alley.". In the network can not be popular, the site to do better, and then features, you do not promote, others do not know, you still do not click rate. Site updates this one to me, only a few friends is not to write original content on the site, sometimes one day has two or three articles, not an article sometimes within a few days, it is a headache. To copy other people’s articles, so that the search engine is not very friendly, search engines like the original content. But I still have to copy what I don’t need. After all, the website needs to be updated every day. Web content is king, it is true, the content is good, the site will have viscosity, retain visitors, content is not good, you promote the better, others just come to see once. Besides, promotion, the purpose of website promotion is to let others know your website. What kind of promotion, first of all, to do the internal optimization of the site, the search engine rankings have some help. Then do the link, Links, forum, blog and network connection etc.. It’s really tiring to do a website. If you don’t have enough interest, you don’t have any

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