From the data to see the real car market two years was born only 9 to the D wheel

The potential for the development of the

automotive aftermarket is visible to everyone. Issued jointly China Chain Management Association and investment "in 2015 Chinese Kwai Ching automobile market chain management research report" shows that in 2015 China car market reached 800 billion yuan, an increase of 33%. Market size is expected in 2018 is expected to exceed 1 trillion yuan.

The change of

environment is the necessary soil for the outbreak of entrepreneurial opportunities in the post market. The last car industry mainly makes money by selling new cars, and now the development of second-hand car, the car after the service economy is to make incremental change to stock economy; on the other hand, people’s concept of a car is also changing, the car has been from the past into a luxury vehicle, the car after the service demand is of profound changes, entrepreneurs to start deep segments to mining can be realized in service.

in the past year, the car market is a crazy year. Entrepreneurial companies such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like to pull out the capital is also ready to, the tentacles of various segments. I dark horse according to public information statistics show that only in 2015 after the occurrence of the automotive market financing events up to 342.

however, time to enter 2016, the entire market in silence, many people think this is an example of the capital of the winter. But on the other hand, the voice is not a cold winter, but in 2015 the capital of excessive force, the car also pushed to a point, but the peak is next to the 2016 valleys, will wait and see, will return to reason.

this time, let us through the data to perceive, after the car market is undergoing tremendous changes.

2015: an average of 1 companies will be born every day, the occurrence of the 1 financing event

learned from the public information, in recent years, around the field of Automotive Traffic + Internet venture companies totaled 1500. The car after the market is a broad category, including automotive electricity supplier, used cars, car service, traffic travel, automotive finance, smart cars and other segments of the collection.

I dark horse according to IT oranges and the company’s public information for data collation. By combing the data can be found an interesting phenomenon, we count the car market in 2015 after the establishment of a total of 362 venture companies, investment incidents occurred from the beginning of 342. This means that, in 2015, the average daily birth of a company in this field, the occurrence of a financing event, amazing speed.

I dark horse through the data statistics found that since 2009, the newly established companies each year after nearly doubled the number of companies to reach the peak in 2014, and in 2016 fell sharply. As of June 30, 2016, the number of newly established companies in 2016 is less than 1/10 in 2015.


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