Personal webmaster do stand spirit

began to teach computers 94 years ago and kept on until 2004. The sweets and bitters of life are still unforgettable. Maybe this is a road of no return, but I chose it and I will keep it going.

in July 2004, I went on a personal webmaster career, because I believe that as long as there is a computer, it is impossible not to bad, in the Internet era, people could not follow the traditional mode before the computer has a problem, can be solved through the network, people need to repair computers, nor may each have their own and the host computer city, moved to repair, so I see the computer repair industry will be more and more accepted by people, so I started to apply for space, domain name registration, web page, a year later, the domain name is not hard to remember, the convenience of users, so after careful consideration, or choose Chinese Pinyin domain name, (computer maintenance of the initials), but the domain name has been registered by others, through the efforts, they finally settled, and the transfer of seven thousand yuan. For a migrant worker, seven thousand yuan was worth my savings for one year, but I finally got down to it and bought it. Wife condemning, friends laugh, I only left behind, but now see the domain name of the price, I still think that is worth seven thousand yuan.

to my site, while working, while the use of spare time to modify data, a year later, the website finally pick up, traffic gradually increased, due to computer bad effects it is difficult to access to the Internet, has been unable to make a big traffic site, but for me, I have enough, also harvested, computer network maintenance every day across the country have joined our website, that they recognized me, every day there are a lot of users into our website by directly enter the domain name, domain name that I to buy or have the effect, the content of the website is to give them some help, now has the country computer network maintenance thousands, can provide on-site services for computer users across the country, convenient, but also saves the expenses for site maintenance personnel, In order to better serve the users all over the world, the collection of national computer maintenance personnel QQ thousands, but also allows users to find the maintenance staff on our website for computer fault consultation, all efforts are in order to better serve the national computer users.

now I have more than 30 years old, for the website, I was learning to read, and modify data, it is to this site will do better, last year I have to resign at home, all the time is spent on my website, no matter how the future, I will for a computer repair business in the end, even if is to go to work, I will always stick to it, the son is now ten years old, and eight years, he can help me, maybe we pay too much too much, but I feel no regret for life!


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