Train the website user’s confidence and grasp the three main points of customer experience

users trust a website than keeping a user is more valuable, familiar with A5 friends know when we are most Internet transactions will choose A5 intermediary, why? It is because A5 intermediary responsible attitude, trust platform to help us effectively deal, if we don’t trust A5 intermediary, just love the A5 forum, then we could not choose A5 intermediary trading platform, from which we can see: the training of user trust is more important than to retain users. So, as a webmaster, how can we cultivate our own website trust? According to the author’s own website experience and the Internet experience, summed up three points, hoping to help some webmaster.

one, building a harmonious environment in the website, not too much cynicism,

No matter what the

industry has the advantages and disadvantages of the industry, as well as the website, website industry is not the same as the result of language users will certainly not the same, and want to let users trust the site, so the site is to establish a harmonious environment, allowing users to feel the real beauty network station, rather than the content of the website is full the social injustice of society, offensive language, the language may detest the world and its ways can play a role in a certain time, but according to a website: harmony is everything, harmony can overwhelm the vulgar, was able to obtain user trust and harmony.

if your internal language is not harmonious, detest the world and its ways too much, it will not only make the user feel unsafe, the public security organs may also lead to more attention, you do not know the webmaster friends on the no control network, once the relevant authorities think the website content is low, then it is not the problem of churn, but facing the danger of losing the entire user groups.

two, establish website reputation reputation, help website retain user

is user trust is the first one, but a website is not able to retain the user’s reputation that is not enough, so want to cultivate the trust of users also need to establish a public website reputation, website we can learn A5 and Chinaz, I am 08 years from the beginning of the two known A5 and Chinaz website at that time, the two sites in many webmaster website ranked in the middle, to the current development of big boss is on the site’s reputation reputation, where we just send a post A5 consulting and Chinaz forum quality or authenticity, do not believe the webmaster can speak ill of the two sites, they can set up such a good word-of-mouth reputation is relying on sincere service for many years and quality improvement, which for many websites is easy and difficult, the most critical Is the webmaster and website managers should sincerely treat every user of the website, let them feel our sincerity, so insist on, the site will naturally retain users.

three, with special services to enhance trust, so that features become a help


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