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if you sell cakes, there’s no need to let users think of you while you’re in the bathroom;

uses products as a medium – – and this value can sometimes even work better than Internet marketing;

"everything is a product," or "everything is media."

works as a product manager, advertising and making products just like advertisers.

Li – beast called

A few days ago in

A5 saw a piece of "Li Jiaoshou" do share a lesson 2016 at Peking University Centennial Hall, from the media or the media "speech! Of course, the article is a speech and speech content and views of the professor. The other has a few deep Xin Vinh Bao "feeling is nothing more than the above familiar user experience! Yong Bao to think of a sentence to share my feelings and experience in SEO. (although the Li is speaking more about the trend of self – media),

if you sell cakes, there’s no need to let users think of you while you’re in the bathroom,

this sentence clearly is to present the people from the media to seize the core pain of a product to the user, a steady, accurate and relentless! Rather than in a variety of ways and have no meaning for our circle of the product user groups or to our core product users push and no meaning for him our products and content! Also, on every one of us to do SEO optimization webmaster, if we actually have been in the pursuit of "to the needs of the user’s need to answer!" SEO jargon is nothing more than to allow the user to search what what! "It is a little larger. Users think of something or something such as when keywords through their own mind in search engines appeared in our results, but from the title, description to the article content must be very fit users keywords! Also, before a review site SEO to do good, we may be calculated from the flow rate can be included, but now, more from its website or media platform from the view of traffic quality! That is to say now if you really want to do SEO we know that more attention should be paid to us as their products users are accurate! Products and whether the content of the coordination of


uses products as a medium – – and this value sometimes works even better than Internet marketing,

called the beast, the meaning of this sentence in fact or understanding, he also mentioned in his speech: for example we do the beverage sales, before finding their own user groups and brewing a set of stories and so will our products sell out, we should expect to use our products "drink" to help us to do the promotion! Go back to SEO optimization, we help the user or website optimization, then we can at the bottom we built our website or what place marked "technology provider for a certain network", which is now the webmaster circle general >

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