When open becomes the mainstream of SNS

open is the lifeline of the Internet, without opening, there is no Internet today. Determined by this life gene, all websites that depend on the Internet to survive can only find space to extend their lives if they are open. The truth not elaborate, just look at those sites for open and live better, you will understand.

on the special platform of SNS, its essential attribute is also open. Just imagine, a portal space or a professional community website or, if not to encroach on others, keep close at hom, not to mention the user after a considerable period of time and boring, light is its own innovation ability is weak even when degradation.

in the past year, the domestic social networking sites are very hot, but from the overall situation, it is still in the adjustment and innovation stage. In 2009, an escalation in the portal blog space at the same time, SNS competition further intensified, even some professional vertical website, also playing in the big social card, want to use the virtual social gathering popularity, establish contacts, enhance the site influence, in order to get more return.

SNS is the virtual society, but in the virtual social circle, are true to life the big living, are educated people, have real feelings, also have the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. So, to cultivate genuine relationships and to create consumer markets through that relationship, SNS has a lot to do.

SNS, first of all, to gather popularity, establish personal connections, and gather popularity must provide unique applications and services. If the relationship between people is SNS vitality, then continue to strengthen and continue to continue this vitality, still depends on unique applications and services. Unique applications and services can only rely on the management of the team’s innovation, so the biggest challenge facing SNS is still innovation. Innovation can not keep up, can only be eliminated. Yoyo zone is an example, originally started very early, but also booming due to the collapse, has not been able to find a profit model, is the fundamental reason for the team’s ability to innovate is difficult to adapt to the competition in the SNS industry.

China YAHOO named its SNS YAHOO relationship, although not what pioneering work, but unique insight, directed at the lifeblood of SNS. In the field of domestic SNS, YAHOO China first spotted the SNS vitality from relationships, at least explicitly put forward the development direction of SNS, namely: the use of YAHOO (precisely the YAHOO community connections), build the most Chinese service life of the true value of social platforms.

however, we should also see that the human family relationship in the portal community such as Sina and Tencent is growing day by day, and more importantly, these communities are constantly introducing new applications and establishing extensive cooperative relationships. In such a context, YAHOO relations have developed a new strategy, through the open platform, access to third party applications, hand in hand more entrepreneurial team, will create more opportunities for win-win situation.

portal community, with the entry of third party applications, opening will become the mainstream competition of SNS

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