What are the differences between primary and advanced operations in game operations

career development curve is indeed ladder type, regardless of other operations growth is so, at least I come into contact with good operation is so step by step growth. As follows:


many people say that the operation threshold is low, I don’t think so. When is it?.

relative to other business positions, the operation does not require professional skills support, you can say that the threshold is low. And in some companies lack of people stalls, as long as you can type, even if the game has not played, can also be recruited to do the operation, this time you can say no threshold.

easy access to operations, but it is difficult to do, the threshold of operation inside.

good operation pays attention to the family origin, here’s origin is not the political background, but is the fountainhead. According to my observation, graduates and transfer for the best customer service.

their career growth and business ladder growth fit together and complement each other. The change of age mentality can also adapt to the phased development of operation, and there are many opportunities for good operation.

because some posts do not go down, want to turn the operation "self-cultivation", it is difficult to become a good operation.

side met many CP procedures and planning, feel too bitter, too tired, want to turn operation. Even if successfully transferred to the operating post, not to say anything else, how to adjust the mentality is a big problem. Feel * * * years old, do the same work and those who have just graduated from Maotou, will inevitably feel uncomfortable, things will be slack, long-term difficult climate.

operation to work from start.

operating low threshold, creating a junior position, a huge base, a wide range of human resources. Just contact the operation of students do not know how to start, need to be assigned some chores, write documents, collate information, maintenance experience, game player competing products and so on, seemingly unrelated, actually hidden raging. Simple chores can know your level and attitude towards work. A novice operation can get more important work depends on the level of work.

, for example, sort out the data and sort out the data of several documents into a document.

A students put several document data CTRL+C, and then CTRL+V to a document.

B copied several document data into a document in the order of the player’s growth line.

C took several documents in accordance with the game player growth line finishing, unified fonts listed directory, by the way also revised the original document typos.

not long, C students received a separate module, B students to do odd jobs, A students did not grow discouraged.

seems to be working odd jobs is actually a basic test of work attitude, work attitude is one of the important factors of promotion for future operations.

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