When the law on how to sell adorable Faceu topped the throne

March 18th, Faceu announced the acquisition of tens of millions of dollars in B round of investment, investment in this round of investment led by the United States, the speed of sound vibration with the vote. Previously, the Faceu team has access to IDG capital angel investment and the speed of light vibration A round of financing.

as to why choose the beauties of the investment in the B round, CEO Guo column said that now is the era of video, film, live 17, Periscope, Musically these video social networking applications from the global rise can be seen, and the social image has been more and more closely, especially in Chinese, female users can not open beauty.

thus, Chinese girl PS was satisfactorily the law.

and other self timer software, Faceu can accurately capture the user face recognition, through a variety of MOE elements, change your overall appearance. We can become a second way to fly, also can become a Sailor Moon, can spit rainbow can also take this adorable sell.

face adorable, magic diffuse camera, Mito veg, in, Baidu magic figure, pops and other entertainment software but why many products emerge in an endless stream, a fire after the death of


a user stickiness low

as a veteran of the beauty of the child paper, said the software is relatively small at the beginning of the play, but most of them will be less than a week after the phone will be uninstalled. I think most users and small early is the same, if the product is not continuous innovation, the launch of the new demands of users constantly improve the psychological expectations and psychological satisfaction, when all the things inside are playing, this software can be uninstalled not far away.

two. Function starting point is not strong

most of these products have a common point, is a function of the product as a starting point, the market almost no new features to leveraging the market. Although it is a good starting point, but these products are very easy to copy.

For example:

has many small initial download software to beautify the picture, what Mito veg, in and so on. But if one day I found a Meitu Xiu Xiu or beauty camera with this software, you can completely do not need beauty stickers together, after completing the use of other stickers to show the software, so since I commonly used products have been popular, why the new App


More than

, Faceu basically done, compared with its predecessors face MOE, it has succeeded too much. It will continue to occupy the throne or as before the explosion as a fire died?

first look at how it is propaganda?

The whole

Faceu communication strategy group (star) + idol idol niche (Wang Hong) + promoter (Marketing number) of three parts, with micro-blog’s hot topics, headlines, such as strategy combination.

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