Have a look at the new college students entrepreneurship

Chinese is a vast territory and abundant resources place, there are magnificent mountains and rivers, there are many famous monuments in Chengdu, the human concept of relatively strong city, there are many places of historic interest and scenic beauty refers to the Chengdu City area, Chunxi Road East Street to the north, South New Street, new Street, North Street to the East, the road to the south, the range of Red Star West of the road and street area, an area of about 20 hectares. There are more than 700 commercial outlets in the region, with a total area of about 220 thousand square meters. Total length of 1.1 km, road planning width of 20 meters.

with you online Chunxi Road 7 into the store

Chunxi Road three-dimensional electronic map to Zhongshan square as the center, covering 4 streets around the pedestrian street in Chunxi Road, the construction of each street and the trademark are in miniature. Click the mouse to click on each building, the building will be the name of the business. Then click on the name of the business you want to pay attention to the merchant’s profile, the sale of goods photos, prices, time to market, popularity and other information will be listed one by one, at a glance.

reporter on the Internet a few, a total of 76 stores of goods information, covering more than a hundred households in the vicinity of the Zhongshan Plaza in 7, mainly in clothing accessories, art photography, food and mobile phone based. All the product information updated quickly, this weekend which is a discount, which has held 3.15 new businesses, where human rights activities can be viewed in the direction of China "and" China News ". At the same time, the site also provides bus lines, weather, commodity comparison and other service functions.

entrepreneurs are 7 Sichuan Normal University Students

yesterday afternoon, the reporter with the creation of the site staff made contact, came to their apartment in a lift Jing Kang road. Open the door, the living room placed several computers, 7 young men are constantly beating the keyboard before the computer, the whole office is simple and busy.

co-founder of the "shopping Chunxi" showing, they are students of Sichuan Normal University, in addition to the two people who graduated last year, the other 5 are college students in July of this year before graduation. 6 of them are computer professionals, and the other is the economy. Two years ago, they met in the school of Computer Science Association, the common concern of e-commerce so that the 7 came from Sichuan, Yunnan, Hunan, the average age of less than 25 years old young people come together.

they said, in Chengdu for at least 3 years, the city has a deep feeling, Chunxi Road is the accumulation of the city’s prosperity and history, so that all people forget. But for Chunxi Road, in the past more than the introduction of tourism, the system is not popular business information. So from the beginning of the third, they plan to move the information on the Chunxi Road district on the Internet, so that people understand the prosperity of Chunxi Road in another way, and can benefit from the information. < recommended

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