Hefei and other second tier property transactions fiery retail buyers enthusiasm

in the face of soaring housing prices, small series can only hope that the house is in the foreseeable future, but many people buy a house on the market is more enthusiastic. Just last week, many national land auction hit new highs in September 23rd, in Suzhou last September to sell two plots in the Metro holdings to 10 billion 627 million yuan competing in a commercial residence, sold more than 10 billion of the total price of the Suzhou also created the history of land prices to new highs. Hefei and other second tier property market fiery, retail buyers enthusiasm, we look at the specific reports.

the same situation occurs in Nanjing, Hefei, Wuxi, Dongguan and other two or three cities, the rapid spread of the land market to market level. Premium is too high to raise the property market as a whole is expected to rise, more and more retail enthusiasm, according to the money can not bear the admission.

in the second round of the outbreak of the second tier cities, Hangzhou, Nanjing restart the purchase of the road. In September 25th, Nanjing announced since September 26th in the main city area, has 1 or more housing units and non city residence households, shall not purchase new housing and second-hand housing; the city residence households have 2 or more housing, not to purchase new housing. A week ago, Hangzhou has just introduced a similar policy.

second tier cities outbreak

9 24, Hefei’s most expensive mansion, Hefei, one of the founding of the hospital, the first opening, the opening day of the production of 1 hours of sales of 600 million, the introduction of its top products encounter panic buying.

had more than half a year ago, the Hefei property market is facing a round of rise, most just need to disk in Hefei, the opening was sold out, a lot of hard to find a room, many developers have included the list of new cities in Hefei.

National Bureau of statistics data show that in August Hefei new commercial housing prices rose 4.8%, the chain rose ranked the country’s fourth, more than the first tier cities in Beijing, Shenzhen.

early in the morning there are customers to queue up, many of the industry have come to test the market, more people than imagined." Hefei No.1 Hospital Marketing official said, customers in the sales offices at the queue, all of the top products within one hour looted.

on the day before the opening of the most expensive mansion in Hefei, Hefei land market once again shocked the industry. September 23rd Hefei large soil pat, a one-time transfer of 11 acres of a total of about 1050.52 acres of land, the total price of up to $4 billion 760 million. In the fierce competition, Vanke, poly, green, SUNAC, sea bright, all were received, 11 cases were single shot of soil premium turnover, the gold is 16 billion 881 million, the average premium rate of land in 2 Recommended

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