The two sides of the youth entrepreneurship competition in the new wonderful not miss

innovation and entrepreneurship is to be creative in the entrepreneurial tide now, venture capital funds to choose entrepreneurship projects are to see the creativity, look at the prospects for development, innovative talent in the moment is welcome. So, the two sides of the entrepreneurial youth in the new competition, very exciting, it can not be missed.

"look, this paper camera can take pictures." "The original bulb is also able to play children’s books, but also the projection animation." The day before, by Ali rivers, Aite public record jointly organized by Ali Baichuan entrepreneurship contest officially kicked off. Xiamen City Vice Mayor Wu Qirong, Siming Siming Lujiang Street office director Lin Fei attended the opening ceremony of Ali rivers.



"have to say this venture roadshow demonstration project is really wonderful, but also involves many fields of popular, including the business," Internet plus. ". We will be very innovative products to show, but also to see their desire to promote the mainland market." Xiamen Aite multi-creation and creative director of the dining room, see Xiamen general manager Xiao Yuan said the record company limited.


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