f the operator vegetable dish vegetarian Museum

opened a vegetarian restaurant in the current market is not what strange, however, there are many entrepreneurs also stressed that if you want to successfully open a restaurant, the first operators themselves need to be vegetarian. So, if the museum operators vegetable dish vegetarian?

in the process of operating vegetarian, we often want to open restaurant reception friends. When we understand the different reasons for each person, we usually ask: "do you eat long?" If the answer is: "not yet." Or "I’m basically vegetarian."." We are earnestly advised, hope they can be a little early to eat long, do not rush to open, the reasons are as follows:

1.: there are many different vegetarian business, professional content from other restaurant. For example, for the definition of pure vegetarian (no discrimination chuangsuan, no wine, no animal ingredients of any raw material products), to purchase channel knowledge, understanding and practice of vegetarianism on customer interests, the mentality of the master, if not their own experience of vegetarian test, it is difficult to establish the necessary professional knowledge and sensitivity.

2. has been tested: in the process of trying to eat vegetarian, will encounter from relatives and friends over care, or even be a strong obstruction. Of course, the relatives and friends, which is also the starting point for our good, worry about nutrition, physical or not following the health hazards; however, the formation of various concerns pressure, dual pressure will be far less than the operating economy and caused the spirit. So, if this vegetarian experience is over, it can only be said to be a good starting point for a vegetarian diet in the future.

3. set an example: for operators, there may be a reason to receive guests. When itself is not a vegetarian, imagine how to face the customer’s curiosity asks "you a vegetarian?" At the same time, if you have a good understanding of the vegetarian and practical experience, will be more conducive to the promotion of the role model, and then drive more people to try vegetarian life. It is equal to the majority of the crowd opened a door to the physical and mental health.

4.: a restaurant to lead the favorable operation smoothly, rely on operators can not be achieved; will need a good integration, with the same concept of the team to perform tasks after delivery, the common vegetarian beauty and to store customers to share; to operator itself can be to their own experiences through their own experience good, idea and exchange with colleagues and vegetarian, we work together to promote and encourage vegetarian efforts.

from the environment, vegetarian is also a necessary condition for the operator. Because we want to promote a clear front vegetarian restaurant, at home or are relatively difficult, for most people, widespread prejudice and vegetarian vegetarian restaurant is open to understand; friends, do not be naive as a vegetarian restaurant in front of the trend of the industry to do. >

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