Emulate ma Take the bus to learn English after 90 yuan FA Deng became the American Pizza Hut sales c

and MA in West Lake while looking for a foreigner to learn English, the 90 boy sitting in the bus with a foreigner in English, skilled in the United States after gradually English, pizza hut, beat all the competitors, become a sales champion hut within 8 hours, earn 357 dollars, creating tip records.


The $100

career in the United States, take the bus to learn English

at that time, Deng Yuanfa only 18 years old uncle persuasion, took from Beijing foreign economic and Trade College, convinced the family came to the United States to San Francisco, he in order to master English quickly, like a bus to learn english. Each of the different routes in the vast San Francisco wandering, listening to white, black English dialogue, practice English listening, but also quickly familiar with San Francisco.

thought that this could be a happy life in the United States, and a few weeks later, the family is always unable to adapt to life in the United States, his family home. And Deng Yuanfa insisted on staying, when he left his parents left him $100. Then Deng Yuanfa, one day and 3 jobs. To earn money to rent a small room, go to the market Home Furnishing picked up 4 logs, 1 plates, shop at home brought quilts, also is a bed.

on the data become Pizza Hut sales champion

7 months of working life, let the English Deng yuan FA level a lot, moved to Pizza Hut delivery. The same is send out, but Deng Yuanfa has developed a wealth of business opportunities. Through the analysis of data, send a single law, in the distribution of the distance from the nearest single;

"sometimes in order to avoid a further order, I will take the car to the restaurant from far places, etc. This is someone to answer, I again into the store." Regardless of distance, every single tip is the same, but the nearest distribution is to save a lot of time, which has become a sales champion American pizza hut.

this is not only the machine, but also the small wisdom, which makes him more than the people who pay the same effort. But in the delivery at the same time, he also learned to make pizza and order management, he was promoted to manager after 3 months, this is also the history of the fastest promotion pizza shop.

home venture, ready to market

Sales champion

hut, is only the first step in a successful life Deng yuan FA, after the business with the company to explore the minibus, a minibus from tens of millions of dollars of professional business to profit for the year, and then to return to business, as the valuation exceeded $2 billion 500 million in global Chinese limousine service platform — Yitu 8 founder and CEO.

When the

reporter sitting across from Deng Yuanfa to tell his past enthusiasm and fervor for so many years, he has been telling myself, "did not go past the road, did not cross over the ridge." When a reporter asked him if he had any idol, Deng Yuanfa firmly told reporters: "I only believe in myself, I worship is from"

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