Suitable for small entrepreneurs industry type

small entrepreneurs choose what kind of industry has a relatively large success rate? This issue is a very important issue for the majority of small investors. The following featured a number of outstanding performance in the field of franchising or the development of the industry for investors.

1. Catering industry

2. Convenience store

this is the development of global franchise business successfully, the earliest convenience store chain convenience store "7-11" has 60 years of history, has 1 stores in the world, more than half of them are franchised stores. Join the convenience store relatively low on the regulatory requirements, because the headquarters is responsible for delivery and shop management guidance, business process is relatively simple, relatively stable earnings.

3. Daily necessities / food retail

Stability and the success rate of

the industry are relatively higher than other industries, is also a very popular franchise industry. General investment is not large, and no relevant experience, join the threshold is low.

4. Education / training

5. Business services

6. Automotive supplies and services

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